Il Fiorello Saves Time Like Never Before with ProsperWorks

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Il Fiorello is a family-owned company, producing extra virgin olive oil from their own certified organic groves in Northern California. Along with providing high-quality products, they are dedicated to serving a variety of customers from all over the world.

After seeing exponential growth in the last year, their team needed to break away from traditional methods of contact management. “We were literally using manilla folders, Excel and QuickBooks to keep track of everything,” recalls Events and Sales Manager, Stephanie Oriarte. “It quickly became overwhelming, and we needed a CRM to take its place.” Read More

New Year, New ProsperWorks!

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Why, YES…we have done something with our hair – thanks for noticing.

2016 has been an incredible rollercoaster of a year, so we are heading into 2017 with a fresh face. We’ve learned a lot, thanks in large part to our customers, who keep us true to our mission of providing teams with a CRM that they actually love to use. This means delivering a CRM that is intuitive, beautiful, integrated perfectly into G Suite and doesn’t require manual data entry or tedious upkeep.

Because our team works hard every day to keep that promise, we have redesigned our website and important aspects of our product, delivering an even more beautiful and intuitive overall experience with ProsperWorks.    Read More


Multi-Select Custom Fields: Big Things Come in Small Packages

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Sometimes, the little things in life are the ones that make us the happiest. 

Our latest release includes multi-select custom fields, and we’re super excited about it. While it may not be the most drastic feature addition, we think it’s going to change your experience in big ways.

When customizing ProsperWorks to best fit your business, you will often need to create custom fields that are outside the standard settings in ProsperWorks. Until now, it has been tricky to track things like multiple products sold within one custom field – work-around solutions like multiple tags or multiple custom fields can be too overwhelming and hard to find quickly.  Luckily, multi-select custom fields are here and they are the answer to your troubles!   

Read More

Inside ProsperWorks: Using CRM in Product Development

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Think only sales teams use CRM? Think

There are many strategies to implement CRM software into product development – while it varies across companies and teams, the system used depends on the needs and goals of the company.

As a Product Manager at ProsperWorks, Ursula Shekufendeh is responsible for leading the strategic side of the product – from research to development, to deployment. In order for Ursula to have a comprehensive understanding of which direction ProsperWorks will head in, CRM data is essential in building better products. Read More