The Intelligent Man’s Guide to High-Quality Data

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There was a time when gathering data was a hard task. A few years later, it was a challenge to integrate data, and afterward, it seemed almost impossible to keep it clean. Nowadays, all these things are not only possible, but necessary.

Necessary for what? Everything. Data is a key factor in Sales, Marketing, CRM, Customer Service, product design, finances and so much more. Processed data becomes information, the most valuable attribute of any company.

When we talk about data integrity, we rarely associate it with other forms of integrity. We all know that besides the informatic concept, the word “integrity” can be used in a legal frame, as a moral condition or when we talk about something new or clean. In any case, all the associations with the word seem to be positive.

If a company can talk proudly about its data integrity, the perception of that company is also positive. Clean data or a high-quality data translates into efficiency, transparency, and consistency. Read More

Inside ProsperWorks: 4 Ways to Combat Summer Seasonality (Webinar)

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Feeling the heat to keep your sales team fighting through the summer months? We know the feeling.

From people on vacation to general software usage drops in Q3, there are a lot of things to go up against in June, July and August. Here are a few tips from ProsperWorks Sales Manager, Brittany Perez, on how to fight the seasonality slump, and what you can do to prepare your team.  Read More

Using CRM to Align Marketing and Sales

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Odds are your marketing and sales teams say they’d like to be more aligned. But, without these teams operating with the same goals, information, and open communication, you’re not going to have successful alignment.

That’s why today, “51 percent of marketers are not satisfied with the level of communication between the teams and 53 percent of sales professionals are not pleased with marketing’s support,” according to a study by Pandadoc.

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While marketing is focused on creating a strong brand, acquiring new leads, and nurturing them for the handoff to sales, sales is focused on hitting their monthly or quarterly quotas. Read More

Cold nurture email templates

4 Prospecting Nurture Email Templates

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Cold emailing prospects can be tricky – you need great content to break the ice.

Your number one focus when reaching out to prospects is to outline value. These recipients might not know who you are, and therefore may not give you the time your product or service deserves. Show them that you understand their time is valuable and what you’re offering is something that will add value to their business. Here are a few tips and templates to help you hit the ground running. Read More

Inside ProsperWorks: How to Maintain Your Winning Streak in 2017

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Prior to joining ProsperWorks, Senior Account Executive Marina Fishman used CRM in a variety of roles. As a sales development rep (SDR), it was for lead generation and setting demos. Once she became an account executive (AE), she’d rely on her CRM to sift through accounts and setup demos on her own. As an SMB sales manager, she would help her team of SDRs and AEs do all of the above.

But what made her job difficult was the CRM that she was using. “I hated Salesforce from day one. I couldn’t get any of the data I needed out of it. I never knew what leads to go after or what to prioritize. I had a crazy, never-ending list of past due tasks from months prior. It was a constant challenge of knowing what to do to grow revenue.” Read More

7 Tips for Optimizing the Prospecting Process

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Prospecting is easy. An army of monkeys with typewriters could do it. The trouble is, that’s exactly how most people do it, treating it as purely a numbers game. Not getting the results you want? Then just send more emails to more people. It’s like giving more monkeys more typewriters. Sure, technically, it’ll work. But beyond lacking a certain elegance though, it also lacks efficiency. Those monkeys and typewriters don’t grow on trees. Rather than a thousand monkeys and typewriters, how about one professional, with a good laptop? Much better. For your prospecting, the time and work needed to optimize your efforts will give exponentially better results. To help you, we’ve put together seven tips to help you optimize your prospecting, and maybe save a ton of cash on monkeys and typewriters. Read More

What Makes Us Proud

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We’re celebrating Pride Month at ProsperWorks, both in our workplace and in our SF community.  Diversity and inclusion conversations come in many forms, ranging from equality in pay, marriage, income, education, race and gender relations, etc. We’re hyper-focused on building a fast-growth technology company, and knowing how and when to balance diversity efforts with many other priorities is not an easy task. So, we’re boiling it down to a simple concept here in our office: Belonging. Read More

Why UrbanVolt Chose G Suite & ProsperWorks to Scale Their Business (Webinar)

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In the last year alone, UrbanVolt has contributed to over 40,000 LED fittings for businesses across Europe, amounting to over €20 million in cash savings. The company combines skills from corporate finance (Kevin Maughan CEO), property management (Declan Barrett CCO) and logistics (Graham Deane COO), investing their capital installing energy-efficient LED lighting for businesses. Their business model carries the installation for companies with no upfront cost, with an agreement to split the energy savings between both parties over five years.

But, before UrbanVolt even had a single client, they trusted ProsperWorks and G Suite to help scale their business. UrbanVolt’s Head of Marketing, Edel Kennedy, recalls, “We needed a solution that would allow us to scale our inbounds and deal flow with ease,” she says. “ProsperWorks was the clear choice for our team. There was no learning curve since it works seamlessly with G Suite, where we spend the majority of our day.”

So, what are some of the ways that ProsperWorks and G Suite has helped UrbanVolt as they’ve completed over 100 installations? Find out in the webinar here.