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Il Fiorello Saves Time Like Never Before with ProsperWorks

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Il Fiorello is a family-owned company, producing extra virgin olive oil from their own certified organic groves in Northern California. Along with providing high-quality products, they are dedicated to serving a variety of customers from all over the world.

After seeing exponential growth in the last year, their team needed to break away from traditional methods of contact management. “We were literally using manilla folders, Excel and QuickBooks to keep track of everything,” recalls Events and Sales Manager, Stephanie Oriarte. “It quickly became overwhelming, and we needed a CRM to take its place.” Read More

Photo Booth International Consolidates Business (in a flash!) with ProsperWorks

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Based out of Dallas, Texas, 
Photo Booth International makes cutting-edge photo booths and kiosks that can be used for any type of event. With an ever-growing portfolio of clients and sales reps spread over multiple continents, their team is communicating on a global level. We spoke with President, Josh Pather, to see how ProsperWorks has helped to keep both customer relations and ongoing projects all in one place. Read More

Guided Streamlines Custom Packaging Operations with ProsperWorks

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guided_logoFast-growing, specialty packaging leader Guided lives by the mantra “life is too short for ordinary.”

When the company unveiled high-impact packaging, normally reserved for Fortune 500 companies, for shorter runs with a digital-first, service-driven culture, they were not expecting an explosion of ‘makers’ to come knocking. From individual home-based businesses to passionate crowd-funded movements, connecting with a huge number of people and companies building the future was quickly becoming overwhelming.

With design and customization at the core of their business, Guided needed a CRM system that could follow suit. Specifically, they were in the market for something that could manage their complex distribution channels. Guided customers can be as varied as a single person ‘maker’ starting a home-based business, to a small-business picking up its first retail distribution, to some of the largest brands in the world. Guided CEO David Stober turned to ProsperWorks to better service his customers.
Read More

How Customizing ProsperWorks has Helped Love Your Melon Spread Their Mission

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Committed to putting a hat on all children battling cancer in the United States, Love Your Melon needed to organize their communications with thousands of people across the country. One of the ways they execute their mission is through the Campus Crew program, headed up by the National Program Director, Charlie Carlisle. 

With over 11,000 individual members at over 700 college campuses around the country, ProsperWorks has allowed Charlie and his team drive the initiatives of Love Your Melon faster: “Having the ability to see communications without digging through a Gmail inbox has saved us hours per week, per person.” Read More

TAS TradeSoft Takes On Financial Projects & More with ProsperWorks

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John Logan and the global TAS TradeSoft teams consider themselves to be unique among ProsperWorks users. Along with managing customer relations, their company oversees financial projects which require large amounts of custom reporting. With ProsperWorks, TAS TradeSoft is able to tackle both, while streamlining their workflow like never before. taslogo_fin(1)

TAS TradeSoft helps companies with everything from application development to custom software development. Their CEO, John, first found out about ProsperWorks after seeing a banner in the Google for Work section of the Google Apps Marketplace. His firm was using Google Drive and Gmail to manage customers, but the high volume of data lacked organization. Purchasing ProsperWorks was an easy decision, as the seamless Google integration fit right in with practices and tools already in place, and John’s team could record all client interactions going forward. Read More

How to Supercharge Your Ecommerce Business with ProsperWorks and Shopify

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As sales channels grow and with an infinite list of ecommerce carts to choose from, savvy omni-channel retailers are constantly on the lookout for the next solution to help their business run just a little more smoothly.

But you’re already one step ahead of the game with ProsperWorks – an extremely powerful and flexible CRM. On the flip side, ecommerce shopping carts like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, 3D Cart, and others are extremely powerful tools to sell your products over the internet. But ProsperWorks and your ecommerce platform are far more powerful together when properly integrated.

In this article, we look at why integrating your ProsperWorks CRM with your chosen ecommerce platform is crucial, what it looks like and means to your business to tie these two powerhouses of data together, and how you can go about leveraging the full power of ProsperWorks and your ecommerce platform to your ecommerce or omni-channel commerce store’s advantage.

Why Integrate ProsperWorks with Your Ecommerce Platform?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the entire customer order history of your online store in ProsperWorks?

Imagine the possibilities for your sales and marketing teams. It’s like going from a black-and-grey two dimensional film to Oculus Rift VR with full HD surround sound. Good data integration with ProsperWorks and your ecommerce platform goes even deeper than making your company faster, smarter and leaner. Integration between the two provides a greater depth of knowledge into who your customers are, what they order and their overall value. Read More