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7 Ways CRM Software Can Be Used Outside of Sales

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Beyond goal setting, sales dashboards and tracking customers’ buying behavior, CRM software is becoming a tool that provides support other functions as well, extending far outside of the sales department. The efficiency and convenience CRM tools offer have, in some cases, made them more of an operating system for companies than a single-use platform. Read More

6 Digital Marketing Tips to Manage a Freelance Workload

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Freelancing is not what it used to be. In decades past, people were freelancing when they began their careers, as a side gig or part-time profession. Today, by contrast, social media, online marketplaces and other digital marketing resources have made freelancing a lucrative primary career.

At the same time, the benefits of freelancing have remained: setting your own hours, tailoring your work to your skills and working where you want. Succeeding at freelancing means living the dream: being your own boss.

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