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Love at First Dial

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The wait is over – our RingCentral integration is finally here!

As a sales leader, we know you’re always looking for ways to increase team productivity. As a part of a fast moving team, you need your most vital day-to-day tools to all be in one, easy to access spot. Toggling between your CRM and VoIP system wastes precious moments you could be selling…and those minutes add up!

If you have an active RingCentral Office account, you can now make and receive phone calls directly in the ProsperWorks app. With click-to-dial functionality you will save time on mis-dialing, improve data quality, and increase the accuracy of your team activity reports. And best of all? Each call (and corresponding notes) can be quick-logged in ProsperWorks!

How else can you benefit?

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New Year, New ProsperWorks!

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Why, YES…we have done something with our hair – thanks for noticing.

2016 has been an incredible rollercoaster of a year, so we are heading into 2017 with a fresh face. We’ve learned a lot, thanks in large part to our customers, who keep us true to our mission of providing teams with a CRM that they actually love to use. This means delivering a CRM that is intuitive, beautiful, integrated perfectly into G Suite and doesn’t require manual data entry or tedious upkeep.

Because our team works hard every day to keep that promise, we have redesigned our website and important aspects of our product, delivering an even more beautiful and intuitive overall experience with ProsperWorks.    Read More

Google Play Lists ProsperWorks as Featured Work App

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Workdays don’t just go from 9 to 5 anymore – Google Play knows this.

In order for you to work efficiently as possible (anytime and anywhere), Google Play for Work provides businesses with a curated list of recommended apps for mobile users to optimize their workflow. Today, I am pleased to announce that Google has chosen to list ProsperWorks CRM Android App  as a “Featured Work Appin the Google Play for Work store!

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Meet the Accelerator Suite

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CRMs were created to help you be more equipped to deliver on your sales goals, but the reality is, they just don’t. CRMs are clunky, difficult to use and hard to implement. CRMs should help you accelerate sales, but instead, they slow your team down with all the manual data entry.

Traditional CRMs say they help you make better decisions, but then why does everyone buy Tableau and Domo to get insights? They claim they help you track the metrics you care most about, but that really means you’re manually pulling dozens of reports every day.
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