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CRM Exposed

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Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.12.22 AMThe truth about CRMs

Imagine you spent months searching for the perfect CRM. A robust CRM that would give management insight, satisfy IT needs, and help your team manage leads and opportunities and track all their hard work.

Imagine you spent a lot of money on it. Investing in all the advanced features, customizations, and licenses for everyone on your team.

Imagine it took months to implement. You waited patiently so all your systems were set up correctly and your team had plenty of time to be trained on the new tool.

Now, imagine half of your team decided not to use it. Why? Because it was too hard to use. Read More

The biggest problem with CRM

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67% of businesses rely on customer relationship management (CRM) data to segment and target customers. Yet, there are several major problems that prevent CRM users from reaching their full potential.

The biggest of these problems? Adoption.

The general consensus among sales reps is simple: No one likes CRM. These overly-complex, clunky systems don’t help them sell and even hinder the sales process – in turn, they use it as little as possible.

More than ⅓ of enterprises face low adoption rates. Why? SiriusDecisions reports that only 13% of sales teams are highly satisfied with their CRM. So, in order to build adoption, you need to ensure you have a solution teams actually love to use. Read More