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Inside ProsperWorks: Using CRM in Product Development

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Think only sales teams use CRM? Think

There are many strategies to implement CRM software into product development – while it varies across companies and teams, the system used depends on the needs and goals of the company.

As a Product Manager at ProsperWorks, Ursula Shekufendeh is responsible for leading the strategic side of the product – from research to development, to deployment. In order for Ursula to have a comprehensive understanding of which direction ProsperWorks will head in, CRM data is essential in building better products. Read More

Inside ProsperWorks: 3 Ways to Coach Your Reps with Data (Webinar)

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At ProsperWorks, Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) focus on moving leads through the pipeline. By emailing and calling prospects, they qualify which leads quota-carrying sales reps should spend their time with. 

With a team of 20+ SDRs, our Business Development Managers have a lot of data to keep track of. Along with monitoring their team’s pipeline to ensure both short and long-term revenue goals are met, Andrew Lobb and Jessica Slor are dependent on data to set their teams up for success. Read More

Inside ProsperWorks: Winning with the Chrome Extension for Gmail

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Last week, we launched our Inside ProsperWorks webinar series with Account Executive Kyle Warren explaining how the Chrome Extension for Gmail has streamlined his day-to-day workflow.

As a “long-time CRM user,” Kyle was pleasantly surprised after joining the ProsperWorks sales team. “I’ve turned into a much more efficient salesperson – a lot of that has to do with the fact that I rarely leave my inbox.” Kyle notes, “I come [into work] with a bunch of emails, so I spend the first couple of hours of my day without ever going into full page version of ProsperWorks.” This changes “when I want to see a high-level overview of my business – then, I’ll go into the desktop app.”

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Inside ProsperWorks: Transitioning to Business Development

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Finding yourself in a new role can be hard on its own. When you add learning a new platform to the mix, it can make the transition even harder.

Casey Mims moved into her current Business Development role at ProsperWorks from the world of recruiting. Her team is responsible for fielding inbound leads, qualifying them, and then determining what next steps are. Read More

Inside ProsperWorks: An Introduction

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In order to get the most out of ProsperWorks, we want to ensure your sales workflow is aligned with its CRM capabilities. We’ve decided to share some secrets of the trade, and let you know how we leverage ProsperWorks to drive value for our business!

With Inside ProsperWorks, our resident team of experts will describe tried and tested techniques practiced by us. As explained by Director of Sales, Jesse Price, “From the moment a prospect starts a trial, throughout the demo process and customer on-boarding, ProsperWorks is the foundation of everything we do as a sales team. As a sales manager, the level of transparency ProsperWorks provides at every step allows me to build a more accurate forecast than ever before.”

Along with our 30 sales reps and managers, you’ll hear from marketing, product, customer success, and more on how we use ProsperWorks every day! As an introduction, we’ll explain how our CRM is the backbone of all opportunities, and provide an overview of the benefits we receive from ProsperWorks.
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