For too long, CRM software has been a burden to use.

Hurdles like manual data entry, repetitive tasks, confusing workflows and complex integrations have kept you from selling more.


We made CRM easy, to get you to the finish line faster.

By focusing on simplicity and usability, we’re getting rid of your biggest obstacles so you can focus on selling, not maintaining your CRM.

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So now you can focus on what really matters.

With a CRM your team actually uses, you will increase productivity, build stronger relationships with customers, and drive revenue growth.

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ProsperWorks Raises $53M

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Somewhere along the way, CRM got really complicated

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and build a CRM that helps every user excel at their job. We’ve done that by eliminating painful data entry, automating time-consuming tasks, and seamlessly integrating with the tools you use daily.


We actually made CRM easy to use

We built ProsperWorks so you’d love using it as much as you love the apps you use at home. We make every aspect of CRM intuitive, so it’s easy to manage tasks, follow up with leads and close deals. ProsperWorks is embedded into your email, customizable to any workflow, and requires no training.

All those burdensome tasks - gone

Managing and maintaining your CRM can easily consume the majority of your day. ProsperWorks gets rid of manual data entry and automates repetitive tasks so you don’t have to waste time on CRM upkeep.


If you use G Suite, you’re in the right place

ProsperWorks is embedded into Gmail so you can update opportunities, add contacts, get account histories, and manage your pipeline right from your inbox. We built ProsperWorks with Google’s material design principles so it even looks like G Suite apps. The integration is so effortless, you’re up and running in hours - not months.

Guess what CRM the most valuable company in the world uses?

Our seamless integration with G Suite puts ProsperWorks right in your inbox so you can work in the tools you use everyday. It’s so good, even Google uses it as their CRM.

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