The Simple CRM for Google Apps

Sell more with less work
You work out of Gmail, shouldn’t your CRM?
Love working in Gmail, but hate switching between apps to find what you need? Respond to customers, manage tasks and speed through lead lists faster with the ProsperWorks Gmail extension.
Simple to use and only minutes to set up
Love the productivity you get from CRM, but hate that nobody uses it? Our modern interface is easy to use, takes less than 10 minutes to set up and requires no training.
All the benefits of CRM without the data entry
Love seeing all of your customer interactions in one place, but hate wasting time entering data? ProsperWorks automatically logs your emails, meetings, file attachments and more so you can spend more time closing deals.
Visualize and manage your pipeline the simple way
Know where your deals are at a glance...
Love the visibility pipeline reports give you, but hate being inundated by spreadsheets? Visualize your pipeline and simply drag and drop to update.
... and track progress
Love knowing what happened to your deals but hate pulling data from multiple reports? Visualize deal progress quickly so you can focus your attention in the right place.
Follow up on time, every time
Smart Prompts
Suggested Contacts
Next Steps
We got your back
Failure to follow up is the #1 preventable reason why deals are lost. Still, it happens to the best of us. That’s why ProsperWorks tracks your customer interactions and reminds you to follow up when you've fallen behind.
Sell Anywhere
Love having customer insights, but hate carrying a laptop to access your data? ProsperWorks give you the power of effortless CRM on any device, so you can close more deals no matter where you are.

We needed a long term solution that could store all of our sales contacts,
track leads and manage opportunities. And we wanted something easy to use, yet powerful.
Beyond Media Global Limited