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Our sales platform helps you follow the same practices as the fastest growing companies in the world, so you can close more deals in less time.
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"ProsperWorks has helped us easily track deals through the pipeline, providing visibility on how we can become more efficient in closing deals. There was almost no start-up time and integration with Gmail was seamless."
Clarissa Shen - VP, Business Development at Udacity
Get up to speed fast
ProsperWorks is intuitive and easy to use. Setup takes less than 10 minutes. No training required.
“I have tried literally all of the CRMs. ProsperWorks is the easiest to use and the Google Apps integration is a game changer.”
Alex Barr - President & CEO at Bamboo Bot
The end of data entry
Spend time with your customers, not your software. ProsperWorks automatically gathers all of your customer info in one place, without the hassle of data entry.
Better Data = Better Insights
By eliminating manual work for common tasks, ProsperWorks always has up-to-date information. The result is timely, accurate reporting and forecasting, so you can better plan for your business's future.
Designed to work with Google tools you use everyday
Built specifically for Google Apps, ProsperWorks CRM helps companies organize and track sales opportunities and customer relationships right inside of Gmail.
Chrome Extension for Gmail
Close deals from your inbox with the CRM that comes to you.
Zero touch data entry for Contacts
Automatically link all related emails, Calendar events, and files with your ProsperWorks Contacts.
Manage files with Google Drive
Easily link files on Drive to a Contact or Opportunity without a separate upload step.
Sync events and tasks to Google Calendar
Tasks with due dates automatically go on your Calendar so Google reminds you.
“I’ve tried other CRMs but ProsperWorks is hands down the easiest to use. And it saves me hours a week in data entry, hours I can spend closing more deals.”
“I absolutely love Google Apps integration in ProsperWorks - it gives Google Superpowers to this pretty and easy-to-use CRM.”
“We are huge fans of ProsperWorks. By layering into our Gmail and Google Apps, ProsperWorks streamlines the data entry for CRM.”
Trevor-yola Nick_kurat Brad_murphy
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