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Somewhere along the way, CRM got really hard to use. So, sadly, no one does. We’re changing that. ProsperWorks was built with three basic principles in mind: keep it simple, show what matters, and make it actionable. Every feature and experience is designed with that philosophy in mind, and we have 75,000 users as a result. Contact ProsperWorks today for career opportunities.

ProsperWorks Team
ProsperWorks Team Member
ProsperWorks Careers

It takes a united team to build something great.

That’s why when you join ProsperWorks, you join a family. Together, we work hard, support each other, ideate nonstop, and have a lot of fun while doing it #ProsperYacht. No loss can take us down. No win goes uncelebrated. No pump-up music can get too loud. We love where we work, and we think you will too.

ProsperWorks CRM Team
ProsperWorks Group
ProsperWorks CRM Team Members
ProsperWorks CRM Group Members

QA & Operations Manager

Belinda Chung

“Great technology, great people. It’s so much fun working on a product that so many teams depend on.”

iOS Developer

Wisam Alhamad

“I’m always looking for feedback on my performance, and my team is always there to help and encourage me along the way.”

Senior Product Designer

Masato Miura

“I enjoy designing a useful and intuitive CRM experience with an incredibly talented team.”

Senior Account Executive

Alissa Masuda

“I’m surrounded by such a motivated, smart, and kind team. We all work really hard to achieve great things - and we all know how to have fun.”

Senior Account Executive

Brittany Perez

“I’ve made great connections at ProsperWorks. It’s great to be working toward the same goal with some of my best friends.”

Senior Account Executive

Marina Fishman

“I’m dependant upon ProsperWorks to do my job. It’s a unique experience to sell a product that you also live by everyday.”

Customer Success Manager

Heather McClure

“Talking to people that enjoy using our product makes my job a lot easier. It’s great watching them succeed with ProsperWorks.”

Principal Software Engineer

Jason Kwan

“It’s great working in an environment of innovation. We have a deep passion for what we do, driven by talented people.”

Software Engineer

Oana Theogarajan

“My team is super ambitious. We work hard and move fast—but I learn something new every day.”

Software Engineer

Gary Olivera

“Everybody here is motivated and they like what they’re working on. We all like seeing our ideas pushed to production.”

Customer Success Manager

Jason Hanlon

“The transparency here is key. Everyone knows the score. It makes it easy to come in every day and perform my best.”

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