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We keep what’s important to you secure and accessible.

Secure, even by Google’s standards.

We know that your data is incredibly important to you, so we keep it extra safe. If Google can trust us to keep their data safe, so can you.

Privacy & Visibility Control
Determine who sees what so you have complete control over the permissions and visibility across every department.
Secure by Google’s Standards
ProsperWorks follows all of Google’s Cloud, OAuth, OpenID, API and SSO best practices. When it comes to Application Deployment, ProsperWorks supports a cross-device, cross-platform, regionally-diverse deployment strategy that can take on massive scale.
Data Resiliency
In order to be the best CRM for Google, our data resiliency and backup management systems exceed the industry standard. ProsperWorks uses high-availability databases that replicate all data to physically distinct geographic zones to minimize the chance of data loss.
Confidentiality Policy
We have a comprehensive policy on how confidential data is treated and follow a documented incident management policy for handling critical events.
Internal Data Access Control
ProsperWorks has a tight access control policy for sensitive information, enforcing operational access across our entire team to protect your data.

Wondering if your team is on track?

ProsperWorks Android and iPhone apps enable you to stay connected across all platforms so you can sell anywhere with the top CRM for Google.

  • Automatically log calls with the in-app tap and dial feature
  • Set tasks and follow-up reminders right from your phone
  • Receive push notifications when new records are assigned to you
  • View details of your contacts and opportunities with one click
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    Get even more out of your CRM.

    ProsperWorks comes with the essential integrations you need to do your job better, right out-of the box. And we’re constantly adding more!

    Native Integrations

    Get real-time updates on your leads and opportunities from ProsperWorks in one centralized Slack channel.
    Connect your phone system to ProsperWorks so you can make, receive, and log calls all in one place.
    See at a glance which lists and campaigns your contacts are a part of and add and remove contacts from lists in just a few clicks.
    Easily upload and browse files from your Dropbox to contacts, accounts and projects in ProsperWorks.
    Zapier Integrations
    Use Zapier to connect ProsperWorks with dozens of tools you love to simplify your workflow. Need to convert web forms to new leads or duplicate an opportunity from one pipeline to the next? We’ve got you covered. Because we know you love using Zaps, we’ve made it even easier with our Zapier templates including: Logging Opportunity Data, Zendesk, and Automating Emails.
    Tray.io Integrations
    With our tray.io integration, you can install powerful integrations connecting ProsperWorks to your different software tools like Asana, Intercom, or Marketo in just a few clicks. With tray’s drag-and-drop workflow builder, you also have the flexibility to customize these integrations to suit your business, or build your own robust integrations from scratch!
    The ProsperWorks API has an open, RESTful interface so you can interact with ProsperWorks in more complex ways than the integrations we provide out-of-the-box. We make it easy for you to connect your existing legacy systems to ProsperWorks so you can have one source of truth for all your data. Check out our full documentation here.
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