3 Cold Emailing CTAs That Actually Work

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

At the end of the day, a call to action (CTA) is just a simple request between a salesperson and prospect. But more often than not, getting the prospect to agree is more of a hurdle than actually completing the task.

So, how can you get your prospect to agree to the CTAs in your cold email outreach? We have a few ideas...

Keep your cold emailing CTA short and simple

Regardless of who your prospect is, you should always assume they live busy lives. In turn, they probably only have a few minutes (or seconds) to read through your cold email before they decide they want to continue the conversation. 

To keep your cold email from going straight to the trash, you should end each message with a CTA that is clear and direct. This can be achieved through length (aim for 1-2 sentences) and simplicity (just text, no PDFs or videos). 

Example: "Do you have 10 minutes so I can learn a bit more about your sales processes and share my sales productivity idea with you? Sometime on Tuesday?"

Avoid asking your prospects too much

Because your prospect is a busy person, they're probably sorting through dozens of emails every day. To ensure you're providing them with something that won't waste their time, offer something that's not too much of a commitment.

Instead of the normal, "Do you have time to connect this week?" try asking for a meeting with a time limit. Asking your prospects for 5-10 minutes of their time in a cold email is less threatening, as it shows they won't be stuck on the phone for a lengthy conversation. 

Example: "Let's schedule 10 minutes to review your team's revenue targets. How about tomorrow?"

Use cold emailing to offer something of value

Take a look at all of the cold emails in your inbox. Chances are, they are too long, have an open-ended request, and (worst of all) primarily discuss product features. Does this make you want to respond? Probably not. 

Just like you, your prospects don't care about what a product can do, or how many awards a company has won. If you want to get your prospects on the phone, they need to know that they’ll receive something of value in return for their time.

Wrap up your cold email by briefly explaining what the benefit, or why they should respond. If your CTA clearly explains how your product improve your prospect’s life, your prospect would be silly not to hit reply.

Example: “When do you have 10 minutes so I can tell you a few other ideas to grow revenue by 10x?”

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