3 Emails Your Sales Team Should Automate

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Megan Pacella

Chances are, your sales team spends less time than you think actually selling your products and services. A recent study shows that reps spend about half their work day on administrative CRM tasks, and another 31 percent of their time searching for and creating content to pitch their product. That leaves just one-third of their time for the actual process of building relationships and winning business.

To ensure that your sales team can spend more time closing deals, it’s important to leverage your CRM. Not only is the software used for tracking and managing relationships, it’s like an extra set of hands in the office for doing all those things (besides selling) that your sales team needs to, but shouldn’t have to do.

One of the best CRM tools that fall into this category is email automation. Automated emails shave down the time your reps would otherwise spend writing and customizing fresh emails and remembering to send them. They also lead your customers down a product pathway so by the time they reach your reps, there is less education needed

Here are three important email campaigns that your sales team can automate to keep customers engaged without constant manual effort:

  1. A welcome email series: Welcome emails should introduce new subscribers and new leads to your brand. Creating and automating a welcome series can generate a lot of ROI, as some studies show that welcome emails see more than three times the transactions and revenue per email than other promotional emails receive. A welcome email is a great alternative to a cold email or call since it educates and likely weeds out any non-interested parties through unsubscribes. At a baseline, your automated welcome emails should:
    • Introduce leads to your brand identity and products or services.
    • Begin the process of getting them to buy in to your brand. This could mean sharing details about your company history, the things that drive your work, other brands you partner with, or simply outlining what new contacts can expect from your emails.
    • Provide an incentive for making a purchase.
    • Encourage leads to connect with you through other channels and opportunities.
  • Nurturing emails. Nurturing leads can be tricky. Without an organized process, it’s easy to let opportunities slip through the cracks or inundate your leads with too much communication. Take a stab at automating your lead nurturing process through an email campaign that maintains a connection with your leads without putting too much pressure on them. Here are some things you can do through this email series:
    • Educate leads about your brand and what your products and services can do for them.
    • Provide education in areas related to your brand. For example, if you sell software that helps healthcare companies reduce costs, educate subscribers about trends in the healthcare technology market rather than touting your product in every email.
    • Tell the story about your brand and explain what sets you apart from competitors.
    • Offer testimonials or case studies that showcase customer success stories.

At times you can refer leads to your website for special offers — just make sure you don’t include a hard sales pitch in every message.

  1. Retention for existing customers. Existing customers spend 67 percent more than new customers. So putting the brakes on communication after you make a sale would be a costly mistake. Once you make the sale, an automated email campaign can keep customers looped into what you have to offer without putting too much pressure on the next sale. Here are some emails to consider including in this type of campaign:
  • Thank your new customers for their business and provide details on the next steps. For example, let them know when their purchase will arrive or how they will activate your services.
  • Check in to see how things are going with their purchase. Are they satisfied? Can you provide any help?
  • Request a review or send a survey to gather data about customer satisfaction.
  • Continue offering time-sensitive promotions tailored to your customers’ interests.
  • And continue to offer interesting and timely content as a “gift” that doesn’t necessarily pitch your own product.

Your CRM can do a lot of things, but it can’t replace the natural and earned skills of your rep. Use it to free up their time to do what they were hired to do. Email automation is the perfect way to teach and lead your customers down the funnel, without a moment wasted.

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