3 Remedies for Tabulitis

Too Many Tabs
Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

Do you suffer from having 50 browser tabs open all the time?

When jumping from tab to tab, your brain releases dopamine receptors that give you the illusion that you are being more productive.

Reality check – you’re not.

Your brain is not actually processing all of these stimuli like you think it is. Instead, it’s frantically jumping from focus point to focus point, desperately trying to dial in on one item in rapid succession.

In other words, this multitasking is literally altering your brain chemistry.

Coined by the team at Creative Brands (and defined by UrbanDictionary), Tabulitis is “a condition characterized by electronic memory overload or human cognitive impairment, occurring when too many tabs are opened within an internet browser window as a result of attention deficit and/or multitasking.”

Along with making you scatterbrained, Tabulitis is killing your RAM and your productivity. Think about it – how many times has your internet browser crashed after having too many tabs open? And even if you’re able to keep them open, it’s impossible to find the right tab when you need it – the constant jumping from tab to tab is keeps you from working.

So, how do you overcome Tabulitis?

Practice tab mindfulness

As with most habits, the best solution for taming open tabs is to be more mindful of why it’s happening.

Before you open a new tab or click on a link, ask yourself: Is this really a page you need access to right now? If not, save the page or the link and open it when it’s time. And don’t stop there. Every so often, take a look at your open tabs and decide if they should remain open, or if you need to close it out.

Narrow your focus

Try slowing things down and spending one day a week working with just one, single tab. While you’ll have to let go of your multitasking habits, you can focus on one thing at a time and complete it in a timely manner.

You can take this a step further by declaring tab bankruptcy. When your Tabulitis get to the point of no return, close all the browser windows and open a new, blank tab to start anew.

Turn to your software

As illustrated with Creative Brands, ProsperWorks cured their team’s severe Tabulitis. For any company trying to organize contacts and customers, it can easily turn into a messy process.

Creative Brands was fed up with having tabs open for emails, spreadsheets, and other documents to keep track of their growing client base. CRMs like ProsperWorks eliminate the need for multiple tabs by consolidating everything into one place. As noted by the Creative Brands team, it’s “not like another foreign thing that you need to come to terms with. Our employees no longer suffer from having 20-30 tabs open because we’re working with something that makes sense.”

Think you might be suffering from Tabulitis? Find out how you can get rid of your tabs for good here.

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