4 Professional New Year’s Resolutions You Should Actually Keep

New Year Resolutions List

A new year brings the promise of goal-setting, new habits, and transformation. It also drives us to develop a long list of resolutions that are often abandoned by the third week of January. However, in a small business, it can be helpful to take this time to strategize for the year ahead.

So, before you start that super ambitious (and unattainable) list of New Year’s resolutions, here are four professional ones you should actually keep:

Find work-life balance

In the midst of your busy week, the concept of a work-life balance may seem downright mythical - everybody talks about it, but you’ve never seen it for yourself. Yet, taking a breather can actually boost your productivity and prevent burnout.

Delete or delay emails that don’t require your immediate attention. Designate an electronics-free zone in your home. Take the vacation time you’ve been given without guilt, and take breaks throughout the day to stand, stretch, or socialize. If you follow these small steps, you’ll notice the tension decrease in all aspects of your life and will bring more energy and enthusiasm to your work.


Even if you are not looking to change jobs in the new year, networking is beneficial for a number of reasons, from client generation to collaborating on new ideas.

Reach out to a powerful figure in your industry via LinkedIn, or solidify a connection you’ve been emailing with all year by meeting in person. There’s no harm in broadening your network, and in the process you could gain a mentor or find the perfect person for that open spot on your team. If you lay the groundwork now, then if you do decide to explore a new career, you’ll have already set yourself up for success.

Start tracking your goals

When you keep a daily schedule, you stay organized on a day-to-day basis. But the downside of this kind of short-term planning is that you can lose sight of long-term goals. Instead, synthesize your goals for the future with your daily tasks by determining what you can do today to move in the right direction.

An easy way to stay on track is to follow every desire on your to-do list with the word how? and then push yourself to answer. Rather than focusing on the finish line alone, if you outline the concrete daily steps you need to take, you can make a little progress every day toward your goals.

Submerge yourself in your industry

Whether it’s reading industry-related news and books or learning a new skill you can apply to your career, take the new year as an opportunity to strengthen your personal relationship with your work. Even if you already give it your all, consider how you can become more knowledgeable. Are there ways you can continue to grow in your role? Organize a book club with your department, or study the career trajectory of someone you admire. Incorporating new knowledge and updated methods into your daily routine will make you an even stronger asset to your team.

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