4 Reasons You Need ProsperWorks Over Those Other CRMs

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Erin Sumpmann
Product Marketing Manager

Because CRM is the single source of truth for your business, you need a solution with excellent user experience as its top priority. Check out our four reasons why ProsperWorks is that CRM:

Our only focus is CRM

ProsperWorks’ mission is to provide you with a CRM you actually love to use so you sell more, faster. Our priority to make CRM a less painful experience and we do that by automating data entry, simplifying your workflow, providing visual reporting and drag and drop pipeline.

Other solutions on the market are focused on other things (i.e. marketing automation) and their CRM is an add-on and secondary focus for the business.

ProsperWorks is flexible

We know that every business has different workflows and unique needs. We that from the get-go by building a CRM that is robust but flexible so you don’t have to invest additional time or resources into customization.

ProsperWorks fits into your workflow, not the other way around. Other solutions have limited customization. For instance, to create a custom field, you most likely have to access their API, which isn’t a quick fix. ProsperWorks allows you to customize any field or report in just a click. It’s also super simple to set up task automation in ProsperWorks, no developer necessary!

We’re user-friendly

Lack of adoption is the number one reason CRM implementations fail. A simple, intuitive, zero-data-entry CRM will drive better adoption than something that’s complicated and confusing.

Many CRMs don’t allow you to filter and customize your data, which can hinder your productivity. As we mentioned above, ProsperWorks is incredibly easy-to use. It sits right in your inbox, there’s no manual data entry, we automate tedious tasks and we suggest contacts that you should add to the CRM with a click of a button. Even better, it’s purpose built for G Suite so it works seamlessly with the tools you already use.

We don’t have hidden costs

Some CRMs may market themselves as a free system, but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for.” They’re often missing complex functionalities like bulk email send and customizable reporting, causing you to pay for additional features as you grow. They charge for add-ons that add up quickly in cost. ProsperWorks’ pricing is transparent. What you see is what you get and we don’t charge for critical features after the fact.

Want to see more for yourself? Try ProsperWorks for free here.

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