Inside ProsperWorks: 4 Ways to Combat Summer Seasonality (Webinar)

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

Feeling the heat to keep your sales team fighting through the summer months? We know the feeling.

From people on vacation to general software usage drops in Q3, there are a lot of things to go up against in June, July and August. Here are a few tips from ProsperWorks Sales Manager, Brittany Perez, on how to fight the seasonality slump, and what you can do to prepare your team. 

Get creative with your lead lists

Always have location in mind when reaching out to leads. Consider filtering by last contacted, date added, or inactive days to find a list that works for the time of day or region that you’re calling into.

Leave room for expansion

Aside from new business, expansion is the second largest driver of revenue at ProsperWorks – a mature rep typically has 25% of their number OR MORE coming from expansion.

If available, lean on your sales operations team to pull active, healthy customers ready for expansion. Then, with your clients, determine how to help them maximize their accounts.

Have clients put in a good word

Along with expansion, happy customers should also be willing to refer you to their friends. The ProsperWorks team uses Automated Tasks that prompt our reps to reach out for referrals after a deal closes.

Get competitive

Make the summer months fun for your reps with prizes that will keep everyone motivated to close deals and win big.

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