5 Prescriptions to Close Deals Faster (Webinar)

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

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You don't have to be a brain surgeon to close deals - but the more prescriptive you are with your approach, the better you become at selling.

Check out these tips from our resident sales doctors (aka PandaDoc's VP of Sales, Jared Fuller, and ProsperWorks Senior Sales Trainer, Kyle Bastien) as they reveal 5 Prescriptions to Close Deals Faster, including how to:

Perform effective discovery, paying close attention to pain points
- Leave the call with a firm grasp on what’s on their checklist and ways of how you can check off all the boxes.

Pain map
- What is the problem at hand? What are the impacts? How do they make the prospect feel?
- Breakdown your product by how it solves problems individually, as opposed to as a feature set.

Use the demo to speak to pain points
- Make your solution a painkiller, not a vitamin
- Think about your product’s value props as modules - anything can be spoken to as the resolution of a certain pain point

Provide valuable takeaways
- Generate a touchstone, where you can you can go back and question their motives

Prescriptively close the deal
- Wrap things up by being assumptive in nature

Want more? Watch the webinar below!

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