5 Sales Habits to Implement Before the New Year

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

While we all love getting into the holiday spirit, festivities and last-minute changes can result in uncertainty in your pipeline. As a sales rep, you need to stay on your toes throughout December to ensure you hit the ground running in the New Year.

So, how can you get started?

1. Incorporate afternoon stand-ups into your daily routine
You’re probably already familiar with stand-ups - they’re those short meetings that ensure daily or weekly alignment among team members. However, the same process can also be adapted to your individual role.

An afternoon stand-up will likely affect how you spend tomorrow. Two or three hours before your day ends, consider taking a few minutes to ask yourself what has to be finished today. Is there anything that can be pushed to tomorrow? Or, if you have extra time, what should you pull from tomorrow’s list to today?

2. Review tomorrow’s calendar today
On busy days, it’s easy to get caught up in what you need to get done now. But as part of your afternoon stand-up, reviewing your calendar for the next day is essential.

Taking a look at what’s lined up for the next day before you head out for the day mitigates the possibility of forgetting about a commitment that requires prep work. If preparation is a large time commitment, get a head start today, or make a note to tackle it first thing in the morning.

3. Check your email drafts
There’s no worse feeling than thinking you sent an important email, but then realizing it was stuck in your drafts. Think about it, you usually have at least one or two emails you started and abandoned halfway ... then forgot about.

Unless these emails require more than 10 minutes of your attention, it’s a good idea to finish them off so you don’t come in the next day, distracted (or even in trouble) from what you forgot to send off.

4. Drive your behavior with data
It’s safe to say that data should be the ultimate driving factor in how you prioritize your sales process. On a daily basis, you should be asking yourself:

- How does your pipeline look?
- Is your data clean?
- Are your top opportunities visible?
- What are you doing to get back on track if things are out of line?

5. Deepen your personal brand
For sales professionals in the digital age, a personal brand is now a critical component of finding and building business relationships. Because consumers are more interested in researching and purchasing online, investing the time and effort into creating your own personal brand will ensure that you’re a marketable person to work with.

You can begin by maintaining social media profiles with up-to-date content that positions you as a thought leader. If you focus on creating authentic and unique content that consumers will find useful and entertaining, you’ll begin to see the advantages everywhere.

Want more tips for end of year success? Download our 5 Golden Rules of Sales and learn what else you should be doing. 

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