5 Star Reviews and Counting… What Our Customers Say About ProsperWorks

ProsperWorks, Google Apps for Work Top-Ranked CRM, is taking review sites by storm.

On leading software review site G2 Crowd, ProsperWorks is ranked #1 in the customer satisfaction category! From Chrome Webstore and the Google Apps Marketplace to G2Crowd, customers have shared a bounty of positive reviews about how ProsperWorks CRM has driven business growth. And here at ProsperWorks we feel this is a real testament to the quality and value we strive to provide for all of our customers.

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We’re very grateful our customers took their valuable time to share their feedback, which helps us to continuously improve our product. Of course their generous contributions can also help other businesses discover ProsperWorks, so they can also begin seeing the types of positive results that our current customers are seeing.

So we asked ourselves: why do our customers love ProsperWorks?

Based on our wealth of reviews, we’ve identified a number of the top features/functions our customers enjoy that differentiate ProsperWorks from all the rest.

Let’s take a closer look at what our customers said about our features with just a sampling of their own testimonials !

Gmail Integration

Our deep integration with Google Apps is one of the main reasons why many of our customers choose ProsperWorks, and is also the key to making ProsperWorks the zero-touch, intelligent and powerful platform it is. Our customers can easily connect ProsperWorks with their Gmail as well as all of their Google Apps like Docs, Drive and Calendar.

In addition, the fact that we’re the only recommended CRM by Google, as well as Google for Work being our customer, proves our integration provides the safe, reliable technology that exceeds all industry standards!                                                                                

The platform is so completely integrated into the Google universe that I’ve actually switched over to Gmail from Macmail. It’s just so efficient to have your CRM built right into your email program.” – Sari Schorr, Singer & Songwriter, Sari Schorr & The Engine Room (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

Having worked with several CRMs over the years, I can confidently say that ProsperWorks is by far the most intelligent, most convenient to use as well as to adapt to your business. The integration with Google Apps is seamless and allows users to easily manage their sales pipeline and communications with new and existing customers. Unlike many CRMs, the simple but intuitive design and integration with Gmail means that you’ll actually find you and all your employees using Prosperworks every day.” – Darren Donas (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

The integration with Google Apps allows for enhanced organization for my business. Google Drive is critical to our operations and ProsperWorks supports this brilliantly.” – Jay Goodis, CPA, CA, Co-Founder and CEO, Tax Templates Inc. (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

The integration with Gmail is one of the slickest I’ve seen or used. It’s saving me tremendous time and permits me to focus on sales activities instead of data entry.” – Remo Di Fronzo (See the review on Chrome Web Store)


Our philosophy is to automate as much manual workflow as possible so customers can start spending that time to make more deals, which of course allows for greater business growth. Our Automated Customer Research feature for example, automatically enters contact information that our customers would otherwise have to enter manually. On average, this feature alone saves 4 hours per week on data entry.

Bringing contacts over from Gmail is a breeze and all contact details are automatically imported with one click!” – James Wolf, Owner of Viral Wolf (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

The automated data entry is just great and saves me so much time already.” – John J Martinich, Realtor at Keller Williams Capital Properties (See the review on the Google Apps Marketplace)

I love the Android telephone app too. I initiate sales calls from there so it logs the activity automatically then prompts me to create a follow-up task. In this way I can stay organized and the entire team knows the status of all our deals.” – Rick Hanson (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

Data & Insights

With ProsperWorks, you’ll have a veritable goldmine of accurate business data all in one place. Our customers leverage that data to drive actions and decisions across their businesses, because better data means better relationships with customers, as well as accelerated sales cycles that lead directly to additional sales. Using our Reporting & Analytics, Forecasting and Visibility functions, you’re then able to make better, smarter decisions across your business.

“This was exactly what I needed. It showed me exactly how I could grow my business, exactly where my money was coming from, and more.”
Carmen Rane Hudson, Freelance Writer at The Deadline Dervish, LLC. (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

“With the ‘won cases’ tracking, along with ‘opportunities’, it keeps me on pace and maintains my momentum in the sales arena.” John Sellin, CEO at Sellin Financial Services (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

Brings powerful customer info/intelligence to your Gmail interface; you’ll wonder how you did without it all this time.– Ali Murat Sahinbas, Business Owner & Consultant, AMSBS.COM (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

A CRM for Every Business, and Every Purpose

From real estate and marketing agencies to solar industries, ProsperWorks is designed to fit the needs of every business. Features like Custom Activities allow you to perfectly tailor ProsperWorks’ CRM activities to your specific sales process.

Excellent CRM for those looking for a custom solution. This CRM has surpassed my expectation at every turn. I’m so glad I found Prosperworks for my nonprofit.” – Brian Kelly, Executive Director of U.S. Nonprofits Services (USNPS.org) (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

“As a SaaS company, time spent on leads, opportunities, and customers is ultimately more vital than time spent on organizing a CRM. But organizing the CRM has to be done. ProsperWorks’ Gmail extension saves me a ton of time, which allows me to spend time on what matters most.”  – Calvin Chang, Business Development Manager at Semantics3 (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

“Simply the best CRM there is—forget Pipedrive, Salesforce…if you’re on Google Apps, there is no other place to go. Simple, fast, reliable, easy, great app. Guys, this thing will boost your sales in any industry, from a big sales organization to a small company, to an online retailer.”                                        – Roberto De Giambattista (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

I began using this for real estate a month ago. It’s streamlined things for me and offered enormously helpful, timely suggestions for contacts which reminded me of clients that otherwise may have slipped through the cracks. I absolutely love ProsperWorks!” – Troy Jones, Realtor at Weichert Realtors (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

“I’m a startup founder with a Team of four and ProsperWorks is now our go-to tool for sales and customer success.” – Pulkit Agrawal, Cofounder & CEO of Chameleon (See the review on the Google Apps Marketplace)

“We’ve been pulling our hair trying to find a quality CRM that was easy to implement into our Commercial Mortgage business. After trying Salesforce IQ for several months, Act! for a few days and reviewing several others, we discovered ProsperWorks. After 2 days of the 14 day trail, I was in love! No other CRM comes close to providing such great integration with Google.” – Aaron Buss, Vice President of SIC Funds (See the review on Chrome Web Store)

And more…

“Love ProsperWorks. Has changed my life and made me love my CRM!” – Christopher White, Founder/CEO at The Sneakers Agency, LLC (See the review on the Google Apps Marketplace)

From on-boarding to user interface, this is the best CRM I’ve ever used. The Team and product come together to create a CRM that’s lightweight, intuitive, clean, and completely interactive within the Google apps environment. Truly a game changer.” – Jarrett Winfield, Business Development at Bringhub (See the review on the Google Apps Marketplace)

It’s a fantastic tool to grow your business.”- Chad Jordan (See the review on the Google Apps Marketplace)

I’ve spent countless days and hours researching, trying and implementing other CRM’s with my business. It wasn’t until I came across ProsperWorks that I knew I’d found the perfect business tool! It answered ALL of our problems and solved all of our frustrations with other CRM’s.” – Dan Wright, President & CEO at EyeLook Media Inc. (See the review on the Google Apps Marketplace)

The ProsperWorks team is enormously thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve received from all of our valued customers and we remain committed to continue providing the best service possible. We’re pleased and proud of the customer loyalty which has been our pleasure to earn, and we look forward to expanding our vital network of loyal and satisfied customers!

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