5 Ways Software Can be More Usable

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Erin Sumpmann
Product Marketing Manager

Usability is a hot topic these days, especially in the tech community. Complicated software and the headaches associated with it are becoming a thing of the past. Customers are demanding that their software not only be complex and powerful but also simple and usable. So what does usability really mean when it comes to software?

1. It’s easy to use.

Software must be simple, otherwise adoption just won’t happen. When something is difficult or cumbersome, there is a much smaller chance someone will actually use and update it as often as they should. This is especially true when it comes to CRM – you never want your employees feeling lost in their single source of truth.


A CRM is only as powerful as the data you put into it. It’s the engine of your business, and you rely on your team to keep it up-to-date. That’s why a CRM that is easy-to-use isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have. ProsperWorks is a CRM that looks and feels just like the G Suite tools you and your team everyday. Those tools were built with usability as the guiding light. If you know how to use Gmail, you can easily pick up ProsperWorks.

2.The system works 100% of the time as expected (and it’s fast).

When you purchase a new program, you buy it with the notion that it will live up to expectations, while being fast and reliable. It’s imperative to have consistent, dependable technology in your tech stack – otherwise, unavoidable software hiccups can greatly impact your business.


CRM is no exception. ProsperWorks addresses this with an engineering team that has ‘up-time’ focused goals. Every time you open the app or access it through your Gmail, it’s a seamless experience so you can quickly access your data.  

3. Usable software is easy to configure correctly.

The way you set up your system sets the tone for the rest of your experience. With a CRM, you’ll want to immediately implement best practices so your data is clean from the get-go. A usable system is intuitive and helps you start off on the right foot, saving you from a CRM that spirals out of control and becomes more of a burden than a time-saver.


With ProsperWorks, you and your team can get up and running within a matter of days, not weeks or months. It’s a simple platform that decreases the amount of manual data entry required, giving you more time to do what matters most – sell. ProsperWorks mirrors the G Suite tools you already feel comfortable feeling, making it a simple platform to set up.  

4. It’s accessible and integrated with how (and where) people work.

It takes a lot of different systems to run a business. Sometimes things get a little complicated, especially when it comes to communication and keeping track of everything that goes on during a day. You definitely don’t want anything falling through the cracks.


Making sure your CRM integrates where you engage with your customers, is an easy first step. You use G Suite so you can have one system for everything related to your business. ProsperWorks is the CRM for G Suite. It seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Calendar, Inbox and Gmail, so using your CRM is just as easy as the tools you already use every day.

5. It makes getting things done fast.

A good program helps you get your job done faster and more effectively. It doesn’t add unnecessary work to your plate. This means fewer clicks, automated data entry and no wasted time. A CRM that requires a ton of manual entry often won’t be kept as up-to-date as it should be, and users will feel dragged down.   


Manually entering and updating contact information is by far the most frustrating thing about most CRMs. ProsperWorks takes care of this by scraping contact information and pre-populating it in your CRM so all you have to do is hit enter—and poof, they’re in! Plus, we analyze your recent conversations and suggest contacts you may have missed.

You deserve better than an unusable CRM and we’re here to help. Happy selling!

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