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5 Star Reviews and Counting… What Our Customers Say About ProsperWorks

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ProsperWorks, Google Apps for Work Top-Ranked CRM, is taking review sites by storm.

On leading software review site G2 Crowd, ProsperWorks is ranked #1 in the customer satisfaction category! From Chrome Webstore and the Google Apps Marketplace to G2Crowd, customers have shared a bounty of positive reviews about how ProsperWorks CRM has driven business growth. And here at ProsperWorks we feel this is a real testament to the quality and value we strive to provide for all of our customers.

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We’re very grateful our customers took their valuable time to share their feedback, which helps us to continuously improve our product. Of course their generous contributions can also help other businesses discover ProsperWorks, so they can also begin seeing the types of positive results that our current customers are seeing. Read More

[GIFs] 8 Great Traits of Successful Salespeople that Can Make-or-Break the Deal

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Quality traits like ambition and confidence are the great characteristics of every successful salesperson, but they’re not always so great in every situation. Too much of either at certain times might actually break your deal.

In this post, we’ll walk you through Eight of the Most Important Traits found in top salespeople and how to balance them in order to become a successful salesperson yourself!

1. Confidence

A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.
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Manage Team Visibility and Permissions within ProsperWorks CRM

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We have just released our much requested Team Permissions suite, which allows customers to easily manage and control visibility and access to records across ProsperWorks CRM. Whether you want to limit access to records for users within your organization or to restrict access to customer information for outside consultants and contractors, this feature protects your important and confidential data stored in ProsperWorks.

Our existing Teams feature enables customers to group users together to easily segment your ProsperWorks CRM data for a variety of business purposes such as reporting, filtering and performance comparisons. Typically businesses group team members by role (e.g. Account Executive, Manager, Contractor, etc) or region/group (e.g. West coast sales, Inside sales, etc).

With our new release, leveraging Teams segmentation, ProsperWorks allows you to set team visibility and permissions, where account admins and team managers can control what records are accessible to whom at the team permissions CRM With Team Roles, when creating a Team you can designate each member as either Team Managers or Team Members. Only Team Managers can see all the records owned by team members and are able to add and remove team members as well as modify the team settings. Team members will not be able to see records owned by Team permissions CRMWhen assigning visibility to records in ProsperWorks, your visibility options are now: ”Record Owner Only”, “Everyone”, “Individuals”, “Only Me” and “Teams”. System Admins can access the entire record regardless of the visibility settings.
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ProsperWorks Provides the Data and Insights to Drive 238% Revenue Growth

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When it comes to building your business—data is king. It’s the heartbeat of every growing enterprise and it consistently provides the reliable information required to make the best decisions moving forward.

In the following case study, Chris Post, the CEO and Founder of Post Modern Marketing, explains the vital importance of data to his company, along with the many ways in which he leverages ProsperWorks CRM data to make better, smarter decisions.

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12 Hidden Gmail Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

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Following the success of our recent blog post—12 Simple Google Calendar Hacks to Boost Your Productivity—we’ve decided to assemble another helpful hack list for your Gmail.
Gmail is where most of us do business and communicate with our colleagues, clients and investors, so it’s a vitally important resource.
Now let’s take a look at 12 of the most useful hacks—
as well as extensions and plugins—to maximize your time on the world’s preferred email platform!

1. Mute or Ignore Conversations

If you’ve ever been trapped in an endless email thread—or keep receiving endless notifications– we understand your pain. Did you know that you can simply ‘mute’ that conversation so that all future messages will be archived? The messages won’t end up in your inbox unless you’re cc’d or the email is sent directly to you.
To mute or ignore conversations-
      1. Open the conversation you wish to mute
      2. Select More and Mute or you can use keyboard shortcut, ‘m’ (make sure to turn the keyboard shortcut option on under system settings.)gmailTo find your muted conversations, simply type in “label:mute”, or just “mute” in your inbox search and you’ll see all your muted messages.
If you want to ‘unmute’ them-
      1. Select the message you’d like to unmute
      2. Select More and Unmute
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Oak Labs Accelerates Their Sales and BD Efforts by Leveraging the ProsperWorks’ Deep Integration with Google Apps

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We had the pleasure to speak with the fun, talented team of Oak Labs, and thanks to Oak Labs CEO Healey Cypher for his shout-out to ProsperWorks in his recent interview with CNN Money. Oak Labs Case Study

About Oak Labs

Today over 93% of all retail sales still come from in-store purchases, despite the ongoing rise in e-commerce as a viable shopping option. Oak Labs was born with a vision to transform that 93% of the retail sector by integrating new technology into the in-store retail experience. Technology that has the potential to forever change the way people think about shopping! Read More Winning in Web Design and Development

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In operation for over two decades, Palantir is a full service web design and development firm based in Chicago. The company uses open source technologies to enable people everywhere to discover, create, and share knowledge. Palantir is primarily known for its extensive use of Drupal technology, but also works in PHP and other platforms. Palantir offers a variety of services including, but not limited to—consulting, support, design, strategy, and development.
The majority of their projects are large-scale, often involving building out an entire website infrastructure for major organizations. “Yes we design websites, but we really want to do much more than that,” says Shawn Smith, Marketing and Communications Lead at Palantir. “Our Goal is to become a real partner to our clients, understand their business goals on the deepest level and then implement them through technology. Read More

[Infographic] The Metrics Behind Why ProsperWorks Is Real Estates’ #1 CRM

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ProsperWorks CRM has helped real estate professionals maximize productivity, improve time management, drive customer relationships. We surveyed customers in the real estate industry to find out what ProsperWorks was doing for them. The end results across thousands of real estate transactions and happy customers is increased referrals, more listings sold, and more! Check out the infographic that highlights the benefits our customers are seeing and find out what ProsperWorks CRM can do for you. Read More

12 Simple Google Calendar Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

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Google Calendar has become a must-have business tool in addition to being a popular choice for a personal schedule manager as well. And while there are a number of calendar apps available that help to increase the productivity in our increasingly busy lives, most Gmail users prefer Google Calendar. Widely considered the most popular scheduling app downloaded and used daily by millions, Google Calendar still has many undiscovered features that its millions of users have yet to be explore.

In this article, our goal is to introduce a dozen of Google Calendar’s hidden time-saving features which the ProsperWorks Team have found to be fantastic productivity accelerators.

Quick Daily Time Savers for Your Busy Schedule

Let’s begin with a couple of the easiest time-saving hacks- Read More