The Only Cold Calling Script You’ll Ever Need

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

It’s always good to come prepared. Especially when you’re picking up the phone to call a complete stranger.

Because the art of cold calling is a tricky one, it’s best to take a simple approach. Here’s a quick cold calling script you can use to keep conversation fluid and avoid getting hung up on.

Start things off by saying your name and where you work – with confidence. No one wants to pick up the phone and hear, “Hi, this is aiwjerlawer from awejrawlkerm.” And even if you’re met with, “You’re who? From what?” don’t let that discourage you. Restate your introduction, and move forward with the conversation.

A nice segue from the greeting is, “Did I catch you at a good time?” If they say yes, you’re already deviating from the standard cold call. Keep things going with a good, topical question (i.e. I see went to [College Name] – did you catch the [team name] game last weekend?). Your goal is to get your prospect talking while proving you’re familiar with their role and/or the company.

However, for most cold calls, you’re talking to someone that’s probably pretty busy. If he or she responds with something like, “This isn’t the best time, but I’ve got a few minutes to spare,” it’s time to get to the point.

You only have seconds to convince your prospect you’re worth their time, so come armed with a pitch that is short. Offer a positioning statement that shows you work with customers like them and understand their pain points. With this, you’re setting yourself apart from other cold callers by not talking about yourself.

Need a hypothetical positioning statement? Try something like, “I work with marketers for SMB companies. My customers are typically looking to increase MQLs without spending a ton of money. Does that sound like you?”

Since you’ve already pre-qualified them, you’re guaranteed a “yes” and can then ask them to tell you more. As they explain their pain points and objectives, LISTEN. You need this information to continue building your pitch and present something that will be of value to them.

Other things to remember? Keep the conversation light. By making the occasional joke and getting your prospect to laugh, you’ll not only bring a little brightness to their day, but you’ll strengthen your relationship. And if a prospect says, “No, this is not a good time,” from the get-go, simply say, “No problem. I’ll try you again another time,” and hang up.

Want to fine-tune your cold calling script even further? Listen to our webinar Nailing the Art of Cold Calling here.

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