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Checking In: How Houwzer has Grown Their Team of Real Estate Agents While Using ProsperWorks

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Back in late 2015, we shared why Houwzer was on a mission to democratize real estate by helping consumers find a better way home – and how ProsperWorks was helping them along the way. Director of Sales, Dave Speers, mentioned their goal was, “to leverage CRM like no one has ever done it in the real estate space.” A year and a half later, it’s safe to say the Howzer team, and its 40+ users, are doing just that.
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Empowering Creative Brands to Redefine Their Sales Process

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At one point in time, Creative Brands thought they would need to use Google Sheets as a CRM system for the rest of their lives. As the industry leaders in gifting and printing in Africa, their team of branding specialists was in desperate need for something that would change the way they managed their sales process.

“Two to three years ago, we had no way to control the inquiries that were coming from our website,” recalls Creative Brands’ Managing Director, Nicholas Markovitz. After a lead landed on the page of product they wanted, they would convert via form or live chats, which would send them straight to their inbox. From there, product inquiries would go into spreadsheets and become a new task assigned to account managers who would quote the prospect. “We used tags and followers to manage all of these opportunities. Copying and pasting were a daily, mindless reality,” says Nic.  “When I think back to it now, it sounds like working the dark ages.” Read More

How Amigo Manages Multiple Streams of Business with ProsperWorks

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Agile-Marketing-AmigoIn this digital age, marketing requires agility, as the best campaigns emerge from a fast cycle of design, implementation, measurement and learning. The problem that marketers face, especially in large enterprises, is that they are impeded by legacy systems, siloed data, and overstretched development teams. Moreover, there is an uphill struggle in attracting customers, as people have all trained themselves to ignore digital advertising. Read More

Streamlining Bulu Box’s Business Development with ProsperWorks

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As the first discovery box designed to help you feel your best, Bulu Box sends subscribers (aka Bulugans) a curated selection of 4-5 premium health and wellness samples from top brands every month. With over 8 million healthy discoveries shipped in the last year, Bulu Box is not only allowing consumers to sample vitamins and supplements, but they’re providing actionable data to brands. They run full-service, subscription box programs for companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar retailers.
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Why UrbanVolt Chose ProsperWorks to Help Scale Business

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UrbanVolt was founded to address the old-fashioned approach to business within the lighting industry – getting paid before a customer can experience any savings.

Combining skills from corporate finance (Kevin Maughan CEO), property management (Declan Barrett CCO) and logistics (Graham Deane COO), UrbanVolt invests their capital installing energy-efficient LED lighting for businesses, carrying the installation for no upfront cost, with an agreement to split the energy savings between both parties over five years. Eliminating all risk for its clients, UrbanVolt has transformed the energy efficiency market in Ireland, accelerating the move from purchasing products to service delivery agreements.  Read More

Il Fiorello Saves Time Like Never Before with ProsperWorks

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Il Fiorello is a family-owned company, producing extra virgin olive oil from their own certified organic groves in Northern California. Along with providing high-quality products, they are dedicated to serving a variety of customers from all over the world.

After seeing exponential growth in the last year, their team needed to break away from traditional methods of contact management. “We were literally using manilla folders, Excel and QuickBooks to keep track of everything,” recalls Events and Sales Manager, Stephanie Oriarte. “It quickly became overwhelming, and we needed a CRM to take its place.” Read More

Photo Booth International Consolidates Business (in a flash!) with ProsperWorks

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Based out of Dallas, Texas, 
Photo Booth International makes cutting-edge photo booths and kiosks that can be used for any type of event. With an ever-growing portfolio of clients and sales reps spread over multiple continents, their team is communicating on a global level. We spoke with President, Josh Pather, to see how ProsperWorks has helped to keep both customer relations and ongoing projects all in one place. Read More

Guided Streamlines Custom Packaging Operations with ProsperWorks

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guided_logoFast-growing, specialty packaging leader Guided lives by the mantra “life is too short for ordinary.”

When the company unveiled high-impact packaging, normally reserved for Fortune 500 companies, for shorter runs with a digital-first, service-driven culture, they were not expecting an explosion of ‘makers’ to come knocking. From individual home-based businesses to passionate crowd-funded movements, connecting with a huge number of people and companies building the future was quickly becoming overwhelming.

With design and customization at the core of their business, Guided needed a CRM system that could follow suit. Specifically, they were in the market for something that could manage their complex distribution channels. Guided customers can be as varied as a single person ‘maker’ starting a home-based business, to a small-business picking up its first retail distribution, to some of the largest brands in the world. Guided CEO David Stober turned to ProsperWorks to better service his customers.
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