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The Intelligent Guide to High-Quality Data

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There was a time when gathering data was a hard task. A few years later, it was a challenge to integrate data, and afterward, it seemed almost impossible to keep it clean. Nowadays, all these things are not only possible, but necessary.

Necessary for what? Everything. Data is a key factor in Sales, Marketing, CRM, Customer Service, product design, finances and so much more. Processed data becomes information, the most valuable attribute of any company.

When we talk about data integrity, we rarely associate it with other forms of integrity. We all know that besides the informatic concept, the word “integrity” can be used in a legal frame, as a moral condition or when we talk about something new or clean. In any case, all the associations with the word seem to be positive.

If a company can talk proudly about its data integrity, the perception of that company is also positive. Clean data or a high-quality data translates into efficiency, transparency, and consistency. Read More

7 Tips for Optimizing the Prospecting Process

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Prospecting is easy. An army of monkeys with typewriters could do it. The trouble is, that’s exactly how most people do it, treating it as purely a numbers game. Not getting the results you want? Then just send more emails to more people. It’s like giving more monkeys more typewriters. Sure, technically, it’ll work. But beyond lacking a certain elegance though, it also lacks efficiency. Those monkeys and typewriters don’t grow on trees. Rather than a thousand monkeys and typewriters, how about one professional, with a good laptop? Much better. For your prospecting, the time and work needed to optimize your efforts will give exponentially better results. To help you, we’ve put together seven tips to help you optimize your prospecting, and maybe save a ton of cash on monkeys and typewriters. Read More

3 Emails Your Sales Team Should Automate

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Chances are, your sales team spends less time than you think actually selling your products and services. A recent study shows that reps spend about half their work day on administrative CRM tasks, and another 31 percent of their time searching for and creating content to pitch their product. That leaves just one-third of their time for the actual process of building relationships and winning business.

To ensure that your sales team can spend more time closing deals, it’s important to leverage your CRM. Not only is the software used for tracking and managing relationships, it’s like an extra set of hands in the office for doing all those things (besides selling) that your sales team needs to, but shouldn’t have to do. Read More

How to Create a CRM Implementation Plan that Works

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A correctly implemented CRM is an absolute goldmine.

On average, the ROI on a suitable, well-used CRM system is estimated at $8.71 for every dollar spent. To realize this potential, however, you’ll need to ensure your staff knows how to use your CRM.

At the same time, managers often assume that user engagement is sealed during the selection phase –  once you select a CRM that meets all your key requirements, everyone will be happy from then on.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Engaging your staff with the CRM implementation process is absolutely essential if you want to ensure user adoption and make your purchase worthwhile.

Here are three steps to start of a CRM implementation plan that will engage key user groups and maximize ROI: Read More

6 Digital Marketing Tips to Manage a Freelance Workload

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Freelancing is not what it used to be. In decades past, people were freelancing when they began their careers, as a side gig or part-time profession. Today, by contrast, social media, online marketplaces and other digital marketing resources have made freelancing a lucrative primary career.

At the same time, the benefits of freelancing have remained: setting your own hours, tailoring your work to your skills and working where you want. Succeeding at freelancing means living the dream: being your own boss.

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