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PieSync Introduces Intelligent Syncing

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Just over two years ago, we announced our partnership with PieSync, which provides a two-way sync between contacts in ProsperWorks and Google. Our users have since no longer had to spend time worrying if contact information in their CRM is up to date.

When you use PieSync with ProsperWorks and G Suite, any changes you make to your Google Contacts will sync back to ProsperWorks, and any changes you make to contact details in ProsperWorks will be updated in Google Contacts. You’ll always be sure the phone number for your customer that you have stored in Google Contacts on your phone is the right one. Read More

Email templates and bulk email launch

Ever send email? We’ve got templates for you.

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We’re willing to bet you and your team find yourselves sending the same email over and over again when communicating with leads and customers. Typing those one-off emails to answer frequent questions, greet new customers, or promote your service again and again can become tedious and time-consuming.

Great news! Now you can send emails right inside ProsperWorks using templates and in bulk. This gives you a quick and simple way to keep in touch with individuals and groups of people without using your keyboard! Read More

ProsperWorks Hack Week brings you 18 new features

ProsperWorks Hack Week Brings You 18 New Features

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The ProsperWorks team recently came together to work on a Hackathon. We formed cross-functional teams comprised of Sales, CS, Design, Engineering and Product in order to leverage each individual’s area of expertise. Using feedback from our users as well as passion project ideas from our team, we set off to build new features that would help improve your overall CRM experience.

The result? 18 new features. Could we have focused on building flashy, cool new features? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, we want to focus on the small things that matter most to you – the ones that will make you even happier with your CRM.

What exactly are these features, you ask? Keep reading and we’ll take you on a tour. Read More

Love at First Dial

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The wait is over – our RingCentral integration is finally here!

As a sales leader, we know you’re always looking for ways to increase team productivity. As a part of a fast moving team, you need your most vital day-to-day tools to all be in one, easy to access spot. Toggling between your CRM and VoIP system wastes precious moments you could be selling…and those minutes add up!

If you have an active RingCentral Office account, you can now make and receive phone calls directly in the ProsperWorks app. With click-to-dial functionality you will save time on mis-dialing, improve data quality, and increase the accuracy of your team activity reports. And best of all? Each call (and corresponding notes) can be quick-logged in ProsperWorks!

How else can you benefit?

Read More