What Makes Us Proud

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

We’re celebrating Pride Month at ProsperWorks, both in our workplace and in our SF community.  Diversity and inclusion conversations come in many forms, ranging from equality in pay, marriage, income, education, race and gender relations, etc. We’re hyper-focused on building a fast-growth technology company, and knowing how and when to balance diversity efforts with many other priorities is not an easy task. So, we’re boiling it down to a simple concept here in our office: Belonging.

Why belonging?

We’re focusing on belonging because it’s the sense of truly being a part of something. It’s the intangible emotion of being accepted and valued, and we see this as the foundation upon which we build a culture of trust, collaboration, and caring.  We believe that when employees feel secure in their work environment, they are empowered to unleash their confidence, creativity, productivity, and ultimately their very best work and very best selves.

To be honest, it’s a no-brainer. Earlier this year, the People Ops and Marketing teams joined forces to hone in on what employees love about ProsperWorks. A lot of great themes emerged, and a common denominator that resonates with each and every one of us is our social bond and sense of belonging. While we come from different backgrounds and see the world from unique perspectives, we are woven together through our acceptance and support of each others’ personal and professional ambitions.

As the Head of People Ops at ProsperWorks, I’m proud to be a part of this team, and I’m excited to drive a continuing conversation around how we empower our team to never stop speaking up, fully participating, and succeeding. It all starts with the sense of belonging.

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