Crafting the Perfect Cold Calling Tone and Pitch

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

The most common debate with cold calling is whether or not to use a script. Because 86% of communication over the phone is focused on tone (words only account 14%), your prospect is more likely to respond to delivery over what you’re actually saying.  

Instead of writing a script, you’re better off spending time cultivating how you’re going to present yourself, getting in the right headspace to do that, and then thinking on your feet during the call.

So, how should you sound?

Under most circumstances, people hate the aggressive, demanding salesperson. You can bulldoze people into meetings, but chances are, they’ll never show up or take your calls.

At this stage in the game, rapid engagement is key - purposely use an un-salesy tone. Sales experts suggest acting like you’re calling a bookstore to see if they have a book in stock. Stay curious while you’re on the line, and be personally interested in everything your prospect says - it even helps to geek out on their business.

Along with maintaining curiosity, you should always be assertive instead of aggressive. Ask, “Are you experiencing these problems? Well, we should talk - I’m thinking these are the best times to connect.”

Fun Tip: Put a mirror on your desk to mimic face-to-face interactions. You can then observe your behavior and even ask yourself, “Would I want to talk to me?” You’ll also be aware of your posture - if you’re not sitting up straight and smiling, you’re probably not in the right mindset to make a call.

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