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Kira Lenke
Head of Marketing

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.12.22 AMThe truth about CRMs

Imagine you spent months searching for the perfect CRM. A robust CRM that would give management insight, satisfy IT needs, and help your team manage leads and opportunities and track all their hard work.

Imagine you spent a lot of money on it. Investing in all the advanced features, customizations, and licenses for everyone on your team.

Imagine it took months to implement. You waited patiently so all your systems were set up correctly and your team had plenty of time to be trained on the new tool.

Now, imagine half of your team decided not to use it. Why? Because it was too hard to use.

Sounds pretty bad, right? The problem is this exact scenario is happening to a lot of businesses. According to Forrester, 47% of CRM implementations are considered failures and lack of user adoption is why 70% of these projects fail.

So, if adoption is the key to making a CRM successful, why is it that SiriusDecisions reports only 13% of sales teams are highly satisfied with their CRM? How is no one solving this problem?

Why is lack of adoption so prevalent?

It’s simple - because people keep buying CRMs that are hard to use. Somehow, even with decades of innovation, CRMs still require manual data entry and tedious mind-numbing upkeep. No matter how many bells and whistles the CRM offers, it doesn’t seem make up for the inherent lack of usability.

It’s not your team’s fault  

What most don’t realize is that the majority of businesses put the blame the user for lack of adoption. It’s not that your people don’t have enough training, processes or integrations -  it’s that the root cause is a failure to meet users where they spend most of their time (in email or on their phone).

The bottom line? Traditional CRMs are not helping salespeople do their job better, faster, or easier. Until your CRM actually helps your sales team sell more, no one will use it.

Now we’re getting somewhere….

The secret to adoption? Usability.

If your CRM actually made your salespeople’s lives easier, you wouldn’t have to convince them to use it. Evaluate your CRM based on criteria that is centered around bettering the productivity and efficiency of your team:

  • Does it help you automate data entry?
  • Does it help you win more deals?
  • Does it help you collaborate easier?
  • Does it help you communicate faster?
  • Does it help you complete tasks faster?
  • Does it help you know when to follow up?
  • Does it help you prioritize activities?
  • Does it help manage contacts better than a spreadsheet?

ProsperWorks is a CRM teams actually love to use

ProsperWorks was made to solve the usability problem. ProsperWorks is simple, intuitive and designed to look like the G Suite apps you already know and love. It’s easy to use because it sits right in your inbox. It requires no training or implementation because it's integrated into your existing workflow. It’s automated so all the admin work of CRM is no longer necessary.

ProsperWorks will make your life easier by allowing you to:

  • Add new contacts from your email with a click of the button
  • Auto-populate contact details without having to type or copy and paste
  • Automate follow-up tasks and reminders
  • Automatically log activities
  • Drag and drop your opportunities into the next stage
  • See your daily, weekly and monthly goals and how you’re progressing towards them
  • Work right in email, where you are spending all your time anyway
  • Making your CRM a part of the tools you’re already using

If you want to drive full adoption of your CRM, you have to invest in a CRM that’s easy to use. Go ahead, give ProsperWorks a try for free or learn more here.

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