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Watch how ProsperWorks CRM helped customer Ben’s Dry Ice’s business grow.

Watch the story of Ben’s Dry Ice.

Behind The Scenes in The Making of Ben’s Dry Ice x ProsperWorks Success Story

Our team travelled to Ben’s Dry Ice’s warehouse in the Mission District of San Francisco to document how ProsperWorks is being used every day.

About Ben’s Dry Ice

Founded in 2012, Ben’s Dry Ice is a full service dry ice delivery company based in San Francisco. Their customers vary from industry to industry, biomedical labs to Burning Man, which is their busiest time of year.
Ben’s Dry Ice is a lean startup with a team of 3 – Ben Emmerich the founder and owner, Meg who leads sales and operations, and Luis who delivers the dry ice to the customers and answers their questions.

Originally, Ben’s Dry Ice was set up on a whim by the founder Ben as a project. He was inundated with interest in his service and decided to turn it into a business. The company has been growing rapidly since launch, doubling in sales YoY. Ben tells us “right now we are actually doing three times the volume we were doing this time last year.”

Ben’s Dry Ice and ProsperWorks

The team at Ben’s Dry Ice has been an ardent user of ProsperWorks since June 2014 and one of our earliest adopters. Meg had found ProsperWorks while she was working with her previous company. “I really liked the aspects of the tool I saw and how it could really help a company grow, and it was going to be growing with the company.” So when she joined Ben’s Dry Ice, she onboarded the whole team with ProsperWorks. “Since then,” she says, “the tool has developed and woven into our structure really well.”

Delivering Better Customer Experience

ProsperWorks saves all your customer information in one place, allowing you to learn more about individual customers to provide a better customer experience. Previously, we wrote about how understanding customer data and providing great customer experience is the key to driving lasting results.

ProsperWorks has helped Ben and his team to deliver a better customer experience. Ben can now serve his customers the way he wants, he adds, “to anticipate their needs, and understand what they purchased from me the last time, and to see new opportunities coming in and to recognise themes.” ProsperWorks has helped Ben and his team recognize new opportunities and leads enabling them to capture more sales.

Transparency & Improved Communication

As a business owner and CEO who has millions of things to do, being able to anticipate issues and problems concerning the business is very powerful. Ben tells us his favorite part of ProsperWorks, is to be able to see what his team is up to without interrupting their work. “ProsperWorks is an essential tool for me to understand how my business is doing without slowing my team down.”

“We use ProsperWorks as a tool of communication” says Meg. It is her favorite part of the tool as she can call, email or tag a team member to open the same screen to discuss a particular deal, sales pipelines etc., without having to screen share or send over files.

Gmail Integration

“ProsperWorks integration with Google Apps is one of the most important features for me.”, says Meg. ProsperWorks enables you to work out of Gmail and saves businesses time by automatically syncing data from Gmail. “It cuts down on my data entry 5 times, 10 times, and it does it so much nicer and cleaner than I could possibly ever do.” Meg adds.

Nimble Solution For Nimble Team

With ProsperWorks, Meg tells us “I can email or tag one of my teammates and have them open the same screen as I am and see what’s happening”. This has helped them create and streamline their business process, saving the team “at least eight to ten hours a week”, says Ben.

“I’ve worked with multiple startups and I really benefitted from the fact that ProsperWorks team understands what a startup needs and have tailored the solution to meet those needs”, says Meg.

ProsperWorks continues to help businesses succeed by providing a nimble solution that is as easy and simple to use as Gmail.

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