How Customer Feedback Makes Up the ProsperWorks DNA

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Erin Sumpmann
Product Marketing Manager

We recently embarked on a new customer feedback initiative called the Voice of Customer (VoC). The goal of this program is to get feedback from our customers about what we’re doing well and what we can do better so that we’re constantly improving. This time around, we sent out a survey - but the program will continue to evolve formats in the future.

VoC brought in amazing feedback. We wanted to share with you some notable customer quotes that were collected!   

What You Said We’re Doing Well

We're excited to see that the core features of our product are the one's that make our users enjoy ProsperWorks the most.  

Google integration:

“It's so integrated into Gmail. It makes it easy to create leads, people, companies and opportunities.”

Ease of use / UI:

“The ease of use throughout the entire platform. There are no hidden tricks to using ProsperWorks and it has been easy to use from day 1.”

Visibility of team actions:

“I have the visibility to see what my team is working on and how efficiently. Without an effective CRM our leads may have gone unnoticed, but we had no way of knowing or tracking any of that data, or lack thereof.”

Suggested Areas of Improvement

While it's always nice to hear what we're doing well, it's critical to hear where our users need more from ProsperWorks. 

Task and activity feature improvements 

"Having a fluid way of keeping a record of what I’ve accomplished each day and what needs to get done is essential."

Reporting feature improvements 

"Having an overview of our business and user activities is imperative to improving our business processes and hitting revenue goals." 

Email feature improvements  

"Email is an integral component of my company’s communication mix. We’ve seen numerous enhancements in this area and are excited to see what's coming in 2018."

Customization improvements 

"Every business is different. The customization ProsperWorks provides allows my team to operate comfortably in an environment that they understand."

Peer Tech-Stack

While ProsperWorks is an awesome tool on its own, pairing it with additional systems makes your team even more productive. Here are few of the most popular products used alongside ProsperWorks by our users. How does your tech stack compare? 

Don't worry if you did not get a chance to participate in this round. We will be sending our second outreach in January 2017. We’re grateful for your input.

If you’re excited about initiatives like Voice of Customer, join our ProsperPanel! Current customers that join ProsperPanel will get the chance to opt into beta features, participate in usability tests and provide product feedback. 

Thanks for your insights, ProsperFamily!

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