How to Close Business the Last Week of the Year

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

Closing a deal may seem like the impossible at this time of year, but you should never take these remaining selling days for granted. Here's why...

It's never safe to assume

The common industry assumption is that your prospects will take off around the 24th of December, and remain out of office for the rest of the year. But, who's to say those in your pipeline won't still be ready to buy?

For many teams, the end of the year can prompt urgency buyers. Whether they're in the process of finalizing their 2018 tech stack, or have remaining budget to spent before it goes to waste, it’s entirely possible for the prospects you’re working to still be ready to purchase. 

Check in with customers you've already made happy

If new business just isn't working out, you probably have a list of existing clients you can focus your efforts on. The holidays are enough of an excuse to show your customers you're thinking of them, so shoot a quick note over to healthy accounts and see if you have any luck making them happier. Worst case, checking in on these customers will make them appreciate you going the extra mile and can help reduce churn.  

Thinking outside the box

While making a cold call or sending a cold email is a great way to prospect, those on the other end may not be as receptive during the holidays. So, how can you get creative? Check out LinkedIn groups, Quora, or even Reddit to see who's talking about pain points that you can address. You can then reach out with a tailored solution (your product or service) that can make their holidays a whole lot brighter. 

Don't forget about Marketing

While a lot of marketing teams turn down the volume on email sends during the holidays, you can't assume no one is reading emails at this time. With cell phones and wifi just about everywhere, it's rare for people to go completely off the grid these days. So, check in with your marketing department to ensure they're taking advantage of the other marketing departments that aren't sending emails. Who knows, you could find a shiny new lead or two in your inbox thanks to an automated holiday message. 

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