How to Instantly Add Value to Your Cold Emails

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

Getting your prospects to open cold emails is hard enough on their own. So, how do you ensure they’ll engage with the content you’re sending their way?

Identify and emphasize the “So what?”

Being aware of what you’re prospect is looking for should always be your top priority. In cold emailing, this is the “so what?” of your content. Sharing the value of your product explains to the recipient why they should care to respond to you.

As you explain how your product or service can help them, always try to do it in as few words as possible. From there, you can delicately weave in your business model and your value - but remember, if you don’t articulate your value quickly, you’ll probably get ignored.

Humanizing your tone

With any email you send, your primary objective is to stay true to yourself. There is a real person behind the service you’re offering and people like working with other people. We all get a ton of emails every day, so it’s important to make them sound like a human sent it, not a robot.

Think about it - when you’re using an automated phone system, you try to get through it as quickly as possible to talk to a person, right? The same can be said with email communications. The faster your prospect can get a response that’s tailored to them, the happier they’ll be.

Keep length in mind

Since we live in the age of no more than 280 characters, people these days have shorter and shorter attention spans. In turn, you have to be direct with email outreach.

Under most circumstances, your prospect is reading emails on the screen of a cell phone. If your email is longer than the screen, chances are they won’t scroll to the bottom of it.

Pro tip: If it takes you over a minute to read your email aloud, shorten it!    

Along with all of the items listed above, the fastest way to add value to your emails is to know who you’re talking to. You wouldn’t send an email about digital marketing to an IT manager, so make sure you have a message that will resonate with their needs.

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