How to Know if Your Sales Process is Working

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

We all know a sales process is the first thing every sales team needs. But, how do you know if it’s working?

What do the numbers look like?

In order to optimize your sales process, you need to think about the key metrics that you are (or should be) measuring at each stage. These include:


Are 90+% of your reps using the process? If so, this shows the process is valuable to the sales team.

Deal Size

Are average sales prices increasing? This is a strong indication that your process is helping customers recognize needs. In turn, you’re selling on value, not price.

Forecast Accuracy

Is your pipeline-based forecast within 10% of reality? This is a great indicator that you are in step with the buyer. Solid forecasting is also a sign of consistent use of the process by your team.

Win Rates

Like deal size, win rates should improve in a measurable way. Your process is helping you beat the competition – even if the competition is the status quo where the buyer takes no action.

Sales Cycle Length

A good process will drive opportunities through the pipeline faster. This illustrates you haven’t introduced friction and extra cycles into the process.

Common mistakes & tips for success

Don’t leave your sales process steps open to interpretation.It’s important to define specific actions made by the prospect that caused them to be moved from one stage to the next. Leaving it up to your sales team to interpret will leave you with a less accurate understanding of where things are and aren’t working in your sales process.

Your sales process will always be a work in progress

As we mentioned above, establishing your sales process won’t be a one and done project. In addition to watching performance metrics on a daily basis, get in the habit of stepping back to review how you think about your sales process every 4-6 months with the reps who are selling every day.

Want more on creating a sales process that works? Download our 5 Golden Rules of Sales here.

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