How to Prepare for a Winning Cold Call

Art Of Cold Calling Day 2
Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

You might think pitch or what you say on the phone are the most important things to master when you begin cold calling. Well, think again.

Before you hop on the phone, come armed with the following to ensure you have a successful call...

Define your objective

While the first call with a prospect is different for every business, you should neglect the notion to start selling right off the bat. Realistically, you have to build trust before selling on the phone, so this is an opportunity for you to get to know your prospect and identify their pain points.

Determine an appropriate objective so that you can go into the call knowing what you want to achieve. This might be setting time for a demo, registering for a webinar, or getting the prospect to stop by your booth at a trade show. Regardless of your desired CTA, set your expectations that this call is just a step on the ladder for your customer to purchase.

Build your list

When grouping contacts together on call lists, you’ll probably have many unique industries, use cases, etc. that can benefit from your product or service. Therefore, concentration is key. An easy way to identify who you will go after first is with the Beachhead Strategy. This focuses your resources on one key area, usually a smaller market segment or product category, and winning that market first. Once you dominate that market, you can then move into larger markets and establish an even bigger presence.

As you begin winning over customers within a segmented market, you can establish your relationships with well-known customers in the industry. These clients act as an asset during your cold calls, as you can namedrop how you’re helping their team achieve X, Y, and Z. This is also helps as you begin generalizing your pitch. You’ll find that similar demographics are often receptive to a pitch that has been crafted specifically around their market.

Mentally prepare

Whether you like it or not, cold calling is hard and there’s no getting around it. Most of the time, people won’t pick up the phone - and even if they do, you’ll frequently have people blow you off, hang up on you, or tell you to never call again.

As you dial the phone, be ready to address whatever lies on other line. Try to prepare by intentionality cultivating a positive mindset with a song, podcast, or inspirational video that you love, and always have absolute faith in the value prop of your product or service. No matter how the call turns out, you can embrace what happens on a call with academic curiosity, take your learnings, and move on.

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