How to Write the Perfect Email Subject Line

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

Before you hit send on any email, you need to make sure you can get the attention of the person on the other side. Think about it - you could write the best email in the world, but if the recipient doesn’t open it, the content won’t matter.

That’s where a subject line comes into play. Considered to be an artform of its own, a killer subject line is how you keep your emails from going straight into the recipients trash.  

So, where do you begin?


To ensure your prospect actually reads your emails, you have to provide them with relevant content. Applying a personal touch to the subject line key - in fact, the more personalization, the better. If you receive a message that mentions you by name right off the bat, you’ll probably be more inclined to open it, right?

Provide context

Whether it’s a mutual friend that you and your recipient share, or the location of where the two of you met, context in a subject line immediately establishes credibility. Something like “Friend of Peter ProsperWorks, hope to connect over coffee” prevents your message from sounding spammy or random. If you’re reaching out to someone with a busy schedule, referencing either a specific place or event right off the bat will help you make the connection faster, ensuring that your message is read and responded to.

Find the sweet spot

Keeping the subject line short and sweet is a must - however, it can’t be so short that you don’t address pain points or create intrigue. MailChimp suggests that 28-39 characters is the “sweet spot,” so don’t be afraid to get crafty with very few words.   

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