Inside ProsperWorks: How to Hit Quota for 11 Months Straight

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

So, you had a great month closing deals - that's cool. But are you going to be able to replicate it next month? And the month after that?

One of our top reps, Senior Account Executive, Jordan Lujan has hit quota for eleven months straight. Here are a few tips and tricks that he uses to exceed his number time and again:

  1. Work straight out of Gmail. "If I don't immediately recognize a contact, the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension for Gmail allows me to instantly categorize a lead and add him or her to our system."
  2. Color-code your calendar. From new client demos to closing calls, and every follow-up in between, Jordan labels each meeting on his calendar with a distinct color so that he "[knows] what to expect each day."
  3. Automate everything you can. In ProsperWorks, you can automate actions to stay on top of opportunities and immediately "receive notifications when business starts to slip through the cracks."
  4. Jump on feature enhancements. "With upcoming additions to ProsperWorks, I'll be able to stay in touch with prospects faster, and reach out to more people in a shorter amount of time."

Discover how else Jordan maintains his winning streak in the webinar below:

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