Inside ProsperWorks: Leading the Business Development Team to Success

Managing a team of 20+ sales reps is no easy feat. From educating new hires on how we use our platform, to preparing them to get on the phone and sell it, the managers of ProsperWorks’ Business Development team have to be well-versed in CRM at all times.

On a daily basis, Andrew Lobb (lovingly referred to as just “Lobb”) and Jessica Slor are required to lead, develop, and inspire their Sales Development Reps (SDRs). They are constantly monitoring their team’s pipeline to ensure both short and long-term revenue goals are met.

Transitioning to ProsperWorks

Prior to joining ProsperWorks, both Jessica and Lobb were Salesforce users – and both have had transformational experiences as part of transitioning to ProsperWorks CRM.

For Jessica, she worked with Salesforce as both as a rep and manager. “The biggest difference for me is that ProsperWorks lives in my Gmail. I no longer toggle back and forth between tabs with my CRM system.” Additionally, there’s “no data entry and no errors. It’s way easier to use and the only system where I can see everything at once.”

Lobb agrees and uses the Chrome extension specifically to see leads distributed out over email. “I’m always highlighting over a lead’s name to see where they last communicated with us. From there, I know who on my team is involved in the conversation and gain a better idea of what’s being discussed within the opportunity.”

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In comparison to Salesforce, Lobb prefers ProsperWorks’ custom fields and his ability to have valuable reporting to use while coaching the team. “I encourage my reps to use custom fields to make their lives easier. Adding attributes, like time zones or lead source, simplify the lead organization process. We also use custom lead statuses to create a funnel to work the leads through, and we’ve added a company-size custom field to know how large an opportunity is.” Lobb goes on to say, “Custom fields offer us greater insights in terms of how much business is coming in, where transactions are happening, and the exact sizes of the companies that are converting.”

On the reporting side, Jessica adds, “ProsperWorks reports are not hard to extract. Pipeline and activity reporting, that would take at least an hour with Salesforce, can be pulled instantly from ProsperWorks, and key metrics, like MRR or how much a rep has added in a day, can be easily located.”

Leveraging Metrics

Numbers clearly weigh heavily into Lobb and Jessica’s roles, in a variety of ways. Says Lobb, “I’m constantly monitoring call connects, show-up rates, and daily flip numbers within ProsperWorks to see where my team is at to goal. The platform allows me to easily spot trends and take note of any increase or decreases with SDR activity.”

In particular, Jessica and Lobb use Activity Reports to measure how their reps are performing over the phone. She says, “Calling metrics show us how much effort our reps are putting in, based on the number of dials they make and the length of conversations. We also look at call-to-connect ratios and connection-to-opportunity conversions to provide us with further context around what our team’s calls look and sound like.” From there, they export specific data from ProsperWorks into Google Sheets to deliver daily SDR reports to the rest of the ProsperWorks team.

Growing the Team

As the number of SDRs at ProsperWorks continues to climb, training new hires has become a larger part of Lobb and Jessica’s jobs. Because deep dives into the platform and cold call practice sessions take place on a regular basis, hands-off management is often required for more seasoned SDRs. This is where ProsperWorks comes into play.

“As managers, what’s unique for us is that we’re using specific oversights to keep tabs on our team,” says Jessica. “We’re always watching the opportunities that our reps are working on, and checking in to see how well they’re writing notes. It’s our goal to ensure the Account Executives as prepared possible before talking to potential customers. ProsperWorks holds our reps accountable for everything they’re doing to make valuable flips and support demo preparation.”

Optimizing Management with New Features

As ProsperWorks continues to roll out new features, Jessica and Lobb are standing by to take advantage. With the latest release, Leaderboards allow them to see how everyone is tracking over any given period of time, while clearly ranking each of their reps. “Features like Leaderboards show us where we need to put our coaching resources for the day.”


It goes without saying – a team that is educating others on a product they live by is a unique experience. For SDR managers like Jessica and Lobb, whose entire team actually loves to use ProsperWorks, the selling process even easier.

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