Inside ProsperWorks: Winning with the Inbox Extension

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

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After introducing our new Google Inbox extension last week, we were excited to see how our own team would begin using it. For ProsperWorks Account Executive Kyle Warren, working out of Inbox maximizes his time selling.

“I’ve turned into a much more efficient salesperson using ProsperWorks – a lot of that has to do with the fact that I rarely leave my inbox,” says Kyle. “I come [into work] with a bunch of emails, so I spend the first couple of hours of my day without ever going into full page version of ProsperWorks.”

The Chrome extension allows you to identify, track, and optimize sales contacts and opportunities, all within Google Inbox. Installation is as easy as visiting the Chrome Web Store and downloading the extension for your existing ProsperWorks account. ProsperWorks scrapes everything from email signature data to social media information from public APIs to ensure as little manual entry as possible when creating a new contact. From there, users are provided with a full record of information about any form of communication associated with any contact.

As an Inbox extension power user, here are some of Kyle’s pro-tips:

Manage your Inbox like a to-do list

The layout of Google Inbox makes it easy to arrange items by importance, and remove upon completion. You can also bundle emails with various labels (Trips, Finances, etc.) to clean up your inbox and ensure specific messages are grouped together.

Automate data entry

The Inbox extension makes it super easy to enter a new contact into your CRM without ever lifting a finger. By running your mouse over a someone's name, you can add a new contact and any surrounding information (company name, social media profiles, etc.) automatically.

Use Global Search

Search within the ProsperWorks Inbox extension to access any entity related to an opportunity. Say you made note of someone being a San Diego Padres fan, but can't remember who they are, or where they work. Simply enter the baseball team into the search bar, and ProsperWorks will populate any note that mentions the Padres within it.

To hear more about how Kyle uses the ProsperWorks Inbox Chrome extension, watch our Inside ProsperWorks webinar below.

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