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Erin Sumpmann
Product Marketing Manager

At ProsperWorks, we believe that enterprise software doesn’t have to be clunky and complicated. That’s why we’ve built a CRM that is beautiful, easy to use and seamlessly fits within your existing workflow. 

We're constantly looking for ways to help our customers simplify their sales processes so they can improve productivity. One of the biggest pain points we hear is prospecting. It’s time consuming, repetitive and hard to do at scale.  Wouldn’t your sales team be so much more efficient if your CRM and sales engagement tools worked seamlessly together?

We think so too. That’s why we’ve integrated with PersistIQ, one of the best sales prospecting tools out there. By connecting your CRM and sales prospecting tools, you’ll save tons of time on email and building custom campaigns so you can focus on driving the most important opportunities forward.

What exactly is PersistIQ?

PersistIQ automates your sales communications and workflow into one, easy-to-use sales prospecting system. It combines email, phone, tasks, prospecting, and smart safety checks to help you start more conversations and sell more. You get the benefits of automation, like multi-touch sales campaigns, without losing the personalization your prospects need. 

How will the integration help me and my team?

Let’s face it - prospecting communications tend to look the same. Typing those one-off emails to promote your service again and again is tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, adding prospects to a campaign saves you from spending tons of time on manual tasks. 
With the PersistIQ x ProsperWorks integration, leads will automatically receive a personal email from you. And just so nothing slips through the cracks, they will continue receiving emails included in the campaign until they respond.

So what does the PersistIQ x ProsperWorks integration do?

By putting PersistIQ directly into ProsperWorks, you spend less time switching between tabs during campaign setup. Once you’ve created a campaign in PersistIQ, you can add ProsperWorks contacts from the extension with a few simple clicks. 

When sending these campaigns, PersistIQ has powerful safety checks to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes such as reaching out to an existing customer, a prospect already in another campaign, or sending an email that says “Hi {first_name}”.

How do I get started?

It’s simple. Install the PersistIQ Chrome extension from the Chrome Webstore. Plug the API key from ProsperWorks into the extension and you’re well on your way.

Still want learn more? Get the in-depth rundown on our Knowledge Base or register for our webinar on December 12.

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