Is Cold Calling Dead?

Art Of Cold Calling Day 1
Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

Simply put, cold calling is alive and well. Not only does it benefit your company, but it can benefit you as a sales rep, too.


It’s good for your company

Around the world, the majority of high-growth organizations believe cold calling is worth implementing into your sales process. Based on data from a survey of 200 sales and marketing organizations conducted in November 2016 by DiscoverOrg, global, high-growth companies with sales processes that work are more likely to invest in rigorous cold calling initiatives than their lower growth counterparts.

Why? Well, if you just need to drum up some extra business in a new area and have no leads to start from, cold calling is a great, cost-effective start. Even though marketing is important for generating leads, you’re paying a lot of expensive, upfront costs that may or may not get business. With cold calling, you’re only paying sales reps commissions on deals that actually close. In turn, the amount of time you spend trying to make a successful cold call will far outweigh those calls that end positively for you.

It’s good for you

Unlike email marketing, cold calling gives you a chance to be dynamic and improve your selling. With an email, you have no chance to influence behavior once information is out in the open. However, if you get someone on the phone, you have to be aware of the inflection points that indicate interest. You have a chance to think on your feet, and address any concerns that arise in the moment.

If you can be great at cold calling, you’ll have a realization that you (more or less) don’t need expensive marketing, a warm intro, or a referral. If you can say for yourself, “Give me a phone and phone book, and I’ll be able to generate revenue for a company,” you’ll be employable for the rest of your life.

Want to learn more on why cold calling should be around for the long haul? Download Nailing the Art of Cold Calling here.

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