Multi-Select Custom Fields: Big Things Come in Small Packages

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Erin Sumpmann
Product Marketing Manager

Sometimes, the little things in life are the ones that make us the happiest. 

Our latest release includes multi-select custom fields, and we’re super excited about it. While it may not be the most drastic feature addition, we think it’s going to change your experience in big ways.

When customizing ProsperWorks to best fit your business, you will often need to create custom fields that are outside the standard settings in ProsperWorks. Until now, it has been tricky to track things like multiple products sold within one custom field - work-around solutions like multiple tags or multiple custom fields can be too overwhelming and hard to find quickly.  Luckily, multi-select custom fields are here and they are the answer to your troubles!   

How does this make ProsperWorks even better?

Multi-select custom fields mean fewer tags, fewer custom fields and a more streamlined workflow! Cleaner data = better results.

When would I need multi-select custom fields?

Imagine you are a solar company offering a few different services to clients: quotes, installations, and replacements. You’ll want to be able to categorize each client by what they are purchasing from you, especially when a client may be in need of multiple services. This will also be helpful in keeping track of data like industry type, languages spoken by a contact, countries a company operates in and so much more.

The first version includes the ability to create multi-select, custom field pick lists and assign options to any record. Additionally, you can filter, bulk edit, make API calls, import and export based off of multi-select fields. In a forthcoming version, we will be adding the ability to search by multi-select options.

For a deeper dive on how multi-select custom fields work, check out our knowledge base article. If you have any additional questions or would like an in-person demonstration of how multi-select fields work, contact

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