PieSync Introduces Intelligent Syncing

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

Just over two years ago, we announced our partnership with PieSync, which provides a two-way sync between contacts in ProsperWorks and Google. Our users have since no longer had to spend time worrying if contact information in their CRM is up to date.

When you use PieSync with ProsperWorks and G Suite, any changes you make to your Google Contacts will sync back to ProsperWorks, and any changes you make to contact details in ProsperWorks will be updated in Google Contacts. You’ll always be sure the phone number for your customer that you have stored in Google Contacts on your phone is the right one.     

Last week, PieSync released an all new and improved way of setting up two-way contact syncs with an IF-THIS-THEN-THAT filter. These allow you to segment and create workflows in one app and transfer to others. In turn, you are provided with even more in-depth sync possibilities than before. In fact, PieSync’s robust synchronization engine already connects over 70 popular cloud applications with new ones launched every week.

As noted on the PieSync blog, a simple set of rules is sufficient to have PieSync keep contact data in sync between ProsperWorks and an email marketing platform like MailChimp. You can now seamlessly create highly-personalized email campaigns per industry, location, type of contact, list, etc.

So, what are the top values of Intelligent Syncing?

  • Save time & boost productivity: Stop losing time with manual import/export of your contacts
  • Streamline teamwork: Have your colleagues work in the apps they know and love. Any data updates will drip through via PieSync, and onto what their other colleagues are using
  • Works on any device: Since syncs include Google Contacts, this data already sits natively on your phone or tablet. Making changes on your phone syncs back to the rest of your software stack, in real time

If you’re not already signed up for PieSync – setup is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Within PieSync, connect your Google Contacts and ProsperWorks accounts. Then choose which contact groups to sync, select the two-way sync option, and click “Start Syncing Now.”

Want more on Intelligent Syncing? Check out PieSync’s announcement here, or sign up for their free webinar here.

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