Customer Report Builder add-on for Google Sheets Goes Mobile

Here at ProsperWorks, we use Google Sheets for real-time collaboration on anything from financial reports to collecting name suggestions for the conference rooms in our new office (by far the largest number of highly engaged people I have ever seen in one Google Sheet…). The ability to chat, comment, and edit in the same document without having to deal with version control allows our team to quickly complete projects and identify solutions.


However, our primary use case is powering custom dashboards with the ProsperWorks Customer Report Builder add-on for Google Sheets. With one click, the Customer Report Builder can pull your ProsperWorks CRM data into Google Sheets. You can then use the reporting, charting, and graphing capabilities of Google Sheets to construct dashboards and reports that match your unique business needs.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the capabilities of the ProsperWorks Customer Report Builder have been extended to the Google Sheets Android app. Now, from your Android mobile device in the Google Sheets app you can easily import, update, and access your ProsperWorks data.


You can get started by installing the ProsperWorks Customer Report Builder add-on (which is automatically included in the ProsperWorks Android app) then downloading the Google Sheets Android app, and creating a report in Google Sheets that leverages your ProsperWorks CRM data.

I know our sales team is excited to check their metrics on the go — we hope you are, too!

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