ProsperWorks Fireside Chat: Eliminating Outdated Systems

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

Out with the old, in with the new!

The systems you have in place can make or break your sales process. While you take the time to reflect on the last twelve months, explore and research the platforms that can support your team’s efforts in the New Year:

From a sales perspective, relying on outdated systems wastes time and leaves your data more vulnerable to human error. Keep these questions in mind when making over your technology stack in 2017:
  • How much do these systems cost? Do they align with your budget? What is the projected ROI?
  • How long will the implementation process take and what resources within the company will be required to assist?
  • Are you considering your team’s goals? For example, if increasing inbound leads are important, determine what can improve and increase the number of inbound leads your sales team receives.
  • What will increase team efficiency? Systems that automatically include business logics and rules (rather than manually).

And as our dear friend Peter Piper ProsperWorks mentions, don’t be afraid to invest in a comprehensive CRM system to organize and automate your data. Happy selling!

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