ProsperWorks Fireside Chat: Reflecting on 2016

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

As you determine how to set yourself up for success next year, don’t forget to look back at the last twelve months and reflect on them:

If you’re a sales manager, take the time to schedule a meeting with your entire team, where you highlight the success of your team as a whole, while recognizing individual reps who performed admirably. Sharing this path to success with reps who have not had the best year can help provide them with ways to have a more fruitful 2017.

You should also ask yourself questions like:

- How important was 2016 to you and your business?
- Were there any drastic changes in your sales process?
- Did these things help your business grow, or not?
- Have you fostered the growth and development of your reps?

For sales reps, identify what behaviors in 2016 led to success, and what may have caused you to go off track. From there, align your upcoming weeks, months, and quarters accordingly.

- What was my number one deterrent for prospects?
- Do I have a good understanding of who we’re up against?
- Was I connecting with the right people?
- What are recurring issues or problems that need to be solved in the New Year?

Finally, the entire sales team must remember to do an end-of-year review. Take inventory, review numbers, anticipate next year’s sales, and prepare your new business model. If you had a rough 2016, don’t let it get you down - 2017 is a whole new experience!

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