ProsperWorks is the best Cloud Computing Company/CEO to work for in 2017!

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager


Warning: This is blog is chock full of brags about how awesome we are. If that’s something you’re not interested in, please check out other blog content here ?

Award season is upon us! While we’re not taking home the Oscar for Best Picture, ProsperWorks - and our CEO, Jon Lee - were voted the best Cloud Computing Company/CEO to work for in 2017! We beat out some of the biggest companies in tech for this honor and were even featured in Forbes Magazine.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 5.11.31 PM“Forbes readers often ask for recommendations of the best cloud computing companies to work for, and their requests led to this analysis,” says the publication. “There are hundreds of new positions open across the top companies listed ... Most importantly, many of them are led by CEOs and senior management teams who take a hands-on approach every day to building strong corporate cultures where employees can thrive.”

Here at ProsperWorks, anyone that joins our team joins a family. The list created by CRN and used by Forbes was based on Glassdoor reviews from both past and present employees.

So why did we take away top honors? It probably has something to do with our core pillars.

We’re ambitious

From sales to engineering, and every customer success/marketing/design/office management employee in between, our team of 120 (and growing) is not afraid to set aggressive goals.

We take the time to strategically set OKRs, which are our guiding light towards revenue, growth, usage, and culture goals. Every single person in the company has a metric that they own, and we report them daily to the entire company so that we all stay on track. We have a high standard for hiring and have built a team of passionate, can’t-stop, won’t stop people that embrace the challenge that comes with creating a CRM customers love.

“[ProsperWorks is] an environment that pushes you to perform, but quickly rewards you for doing so. This is a place where you can accelerate your career and do something special,” says one review. “Everyone on the team is driven and things move here at lightning pace, with genuine care being put into a kickass CRM product.”

We win together

Because we work so hard together, we have to be a constant support system for one another. We are committed to giving and receiving feedback, treating each other like family, and celebrating our wins like we mean it (read: #ProsperYacht).

Our CEO, Jon, is also committed to maintaining a culture of transparency. When describing ProsperWorks, one team member says we have, “Transparency from the top down, you won't find a CEO as open and informative to his employees as Jon.” Open communication makes for happier, united employees because everyone knows what is happening and why.

Another glassdoor review notes, “The business is growing at a fast rate and management has displayed competence by hiring some great talent, being transparent with employees, and being open minded when it comes to changing processes or acquiring tools to scale smoothly.”

We put our customers first

At the end of the day, we’ve set out to help our customers as we would help our friends. There are a lot of CRMs out there - we know that we weren't the first ones with that brilliant idea. But we saw that the CRMs before us were making people struggle with an absurd amount of manual data entry with very little in return. That’s why we have a product that’s easy on the eyes, simple to use, requires no data entry, and will streamline your sales process like never before.

“We’ve stayed true to what matters the most: helping customers sell more, faster.” says Jon. “We spend a lot of time with our current and prospective customers through intensive interviews, prototyping, and validation to identify the right problems to solve. And we believe that if we can truly create a CRM teams love to use, we will truly help their businesses grow more.”

Want to read more on what our team has to say about ProsperWorks? Check out our entire library of Glassdoor reviews here.

P.S. To add fuel to the fire, we were also just named one of the top 153 Medium-Sized Companies with The Best Company Cultures in 2017 by Entrepreneur Magazine ???

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