Setting Up for Success as a Ramping Sales Rep

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From bringing in deals… to now closing them!Screen-Shot-2017-08-10-at-3.36.25-PM-278x300.png

Casey joined ProsperWorks in June 2016, fresh from the world of recruiting. As a member of the SDR team, she had an accelerated growth path, being promoted to Senior SDR within 8 months. “The biggest change with my promotion was going from responding to inbound requests, to doing outbound outreach. ProsperWorks was essential in keeping me organized and on top of my game.” Two months later, Casey was promoted yet again, to Associate Account Executive (AAE).

Different role, different Tasks

In each role that Casey has held at ProsperWorks, she’s used Tasks to determine how to prioritize her day.  However, there is a clear difference between her Tasks as an SDR and as an AAE.

When Casey was spending her day fielding leads, she set tasks for just about everything. “Because I was calling so many people, I would have upwards of 100 tasks a day. I would simply check them off one by one, and no leads would ever fall through the cracks,” she recalls. “As an account executive, I still use Tasks. But this time around, they’re directly related to my Pipeline,” Casey says. “I use them the most to check in with prospects, and make sure all of my leads are happy.”

From sourcing new leads to moving them through the Pipeline

“I’ve been monitoring Pipelines a lot more in this role,” notes Casey. “I’ll seek out trial users with high web sessions or people that have recently been followed up by using filters. I have countless opportunities, and filters help me keep track of those prospects that are more likely to close.”

Once those hot leads have signed up, Casey will use ProsperWorks to sift through Abandoned opps, or those that are already Won but could be in the market for an upsell. “Once you’re an account executive, your schedule can fluctuate, so it’s important to be proactive with your current accounts. I depend on ProsperWorks to stay busy and reach out to people that are often overlooked. That’s how I’ve maintained a perfect ramp since getting promoted.”

Casey’s tech stack

Along with ProsperWorks, Casey has a few other tools that she uses throughout the day. “Our Slack integration is a huge asset. It alerts our team on deals that have been marked Won in ProsperWorks, and keeps everyone on the same page. Plus the emoji features are amazing.”

She adds, “Intercom is essential to my workflow because it allows me to see how frequently my leads are using ProsperWorks. This is super important as we move opportunities through the Pipeline. It puts how likely they are too close into context.”

What’s changed in the last year

“The biggest change for me has obviously been our growth. Our team has more than doubled since I came on, and it’s made selling a different game,” says Casey. She goes on to say, “The system has advanced a lot, and we’re selling to much larger companies. When I started, closing a 5-seater was a big deal. Now, 20+ seats are the norm.”  

On a personal level, Casey has noticed a change in her demeanor as a sales rep. “I’m way more confident than I was a year ago. ProsperWorks was my first sales job – I was completely new to the game. Unlike how I used (or didn’t use) Salesforce as a recruiter, ProsperWorks empowers me as I work. That has made all the difference in the last year, and ultimately led to me getting promoted.”

If it’s not in ProsperWorks, it (still) didn’t happen

This idea is something that will never change for Casey or anyone on her team. ProsperWorks provides complete transparency between SDRs, AEs, and their respective managers. Every phone call, email, and any other form of customer data are logged, ensuring that nothing is overlooked or missed.

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