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Alex Emslie
Lead Web Developer

What was life like before automating the repetitive steps of a sales cycle? Our customers have a few thoughts...

“Tedious and behind.”

“Brutally repetitive.”

“It was a hellish nightmare of emails slipping through the cracks, sending proposals manually, and lots of unnecessary phone calls. It was like most sales processes: extremely inefficient.”

For many sales teams, deals don’t close if the right systems aren’t in place. You already know how easy ProsperWorks makes managing your entire sales process. But you probably use more than a few apps to seal the deal - what if those apps could talk to ProsperWorks, too?


Zapier connects ProsperWorks to 750+ apps, moving information between the apps you use at work so you can focus on selling more. These “Zaps” require no additional code and allow you to put the busy work on autopilot and get more done.

Some teams have even automated their entire sales process using Zapier and ProsperWorks.

Boston-based Privo is a company that helps business migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Before implementing a CRM, their team was forced to deal with manual data entry and disorganized contacts.

Privo turned their sales process around after purchasing ProsperWorks and integrating several apps via Zapier. Here’s a closer look at what they’re doing now:

  1. After a lead comes in from a form on the Privo website, they are entered directly into ProsperWorks by Zapier.
  2. Zapier invites the lead to schedule an introductory call and moves the opportunity to the "Meeting Scheduled" stage using the Calendly integration.
  3. As the opportunity continues to move through the sales pipeline, Zapier kicks off automated actions that save countless hours. For example, when an opportunity changes stage or status in ProsperWorks, Zapier will update a Google Sheet that keeps lead sources up-to-date. If the opportunity gets to the "Needs Proposal" stage, Zapier will automatically upload the client information to Proposify and create a proposal from a template.
  4. When a proposal is sent, Zapier moves the proposal to the "Proposal Sent" stage automatically. Once the proposal is signed, Zapier moves the opportunity to the "Needs Agreement" stage and automatically sends the client an agreement using the Hellosign integration.
  5. After an agreement is signed, it sets the Opportunity to a status of "Won" in ProsperWorks and kicks off a series of onboarding actions such as uploading the signed agreement to Google Drive, sending an onboarding questionnaire, and adding the client to the accounting system Xero.

For the Privo team, “The glue for [their] entire process is the tight integration between ProsperWorks and the world of apps that Zapier provides access to. With a sales staff of 0 (just the 2 founders who dedicate a couple of hours per day to sales) [they] are closing several deals per week with this process. As a result, [revenue is] growing 10% every month.”

Discover how else ProsperWorks and Zapier can save the day in our webinar next Tuesday, February 28th. We’ll be joined by the Zapier team to discuss how there’s a Zap for just about anything!

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