Structuring the Perfect Cold Call

Art Of Cold Calling Day 3
Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

Once you make the connect on a cold call, there’s only one thing to remember: You have 5 seconds to earn 5 minutes. And then 5 minutes to earn an hour.

Because your time to win the prospect over is extremely limited, you need to say something interesting straight out of the gate. Start with, “Hi this is (first name) from (company name)” and  ask a quick question. This question is usually different for everyone, but is designed for engagement, as they’re forced to respond with an answer.

Say you ask “Do you remember signing up for a free trial?” If they respond with “No,” go on to say, “Well, the purpose for this call is because our customers have had (common pain point). We’re working with customers like, (relevant customer names), and we’re helping them solve this with (our solution).”

All in all, it’s critical to remember you’re conveying the problems you solve, not what you do. And you should always end your conversation with that pre-defined CTA (as mentioned above).

Still having doubts? Here’s a quick checklist on what you should and should not cover:


  • Begin with a quick intro with an engaging question
  • Present what you solve, not what you do
  • Reference accounts as proof points
  • Have a specific CTA (i.e. schedule a demo, meet at a tradeshow, etc.)


  • Ask how the prospect is
  • Ask if they have time
  • Lead with what you do

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