How to Take the Hate out of Admin Work

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

CRM software is meant to make sales management easier. But, a lot of the programs out there require admin work that increases stress and confusion among your team. Think about it…

Day in and day out, you’re in the trenches. You’re getting your hands dirty doing all of the admin work that needs to be done, but no one else wants to do.

How much time are you spending entering data into your CRM every week? What about manually looking up customer information, or pulling a simple report? Hours? Days?? This is time you could be spending on the phone or sending emails, making more money for your business.

Don’t have a CRM? Well, how annoying is filling out paperwork and spreadsheets? Both are tedious and redundant, but unfortunately necessary if you have no CRM in place.

Although it’s essential to keep track of leads and sales, the amount of admin work that sales teams have to do kills any hope of them reaching an acceptable sales quota.

That shouldn’t be the case.

CRM data entry is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Proper CRM adoption leads to less time spent on admin work and more time closing deals. And the benefits should be apparent the second you begin using a program.

So how do you start?

Find a solution that successfully integrates lead management and sales management into one easy-to-use application, while syncing information from other software and email programs.

ProsperWorks will take the hate out of admin work

ProsperWorks CRM removes the frustration out of your day-to-day workflow. It’s easy to use because it sits right in your inbox. It requires no training or implementation because it integrates into your existing workflow. And most importantly, it’s automated so all the admin work of CRM is no longer necessary.

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