The Magic Formula to Optimize Your Demo (Webinar)

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Erin Sumpmann
Product Marketing Manager

You have one shot to crush a demo with a potential customer. It takes a lot of practice to quickly understand a prospect’s pain points and cater your message to craft the perfect pitch. So how do you get it done?     

ProsperWorks Senior Sales Trainer, Kyle Bastien, shares the best practices that make up his winning demo formula.

Get in the Demo Mindset

Crushing a demo starts before you even get on a call with a prospect. Each demo is a chance to practice and improve, so you want to be in the right state of mind going into it. You never want to waste an opportunity to close!

Each day you should intentionally cultivate a winning attitude. Create a morning routine for yourself, whether that be listening to a favorite song or watching an inspirational video, choose something that is going to pump you up!

Establish a Winning Demo Flow

You want to be intentional about the conversation so that it naturally leads to a close. Kyle has six key pieces to a winning demo flow.

    1. Rapport
      Building rapport at the beginning of a demo is critical to start off on the right foot. You want to be candid and humanize yourself to the person on the other end of the line.
    2. Agenda
      Share an agenda up front so the prospect’s expectations are set and you can keep the discussion on the right track.
    3. Discovery
      The discovery is your time to learn more about what brought your prospect to look for a solution. Ask about business and process facts and dive into the pain points surrounding those. Make sure you are actively listening for changes in inflection or speed of talking. These are helpful clues to how the individual feels about those pain points.
    4. Company Story
      When telling your organization’s story, position your company and product so the prospect knows how they should think about you, and answer the question “why does this matter to me?”
    5. Product Demo
      The key to a meaningful product demo is discussing benefits, not features. Only show the aspects of your product that speak directly to eliminating their pain. You’ll want to craft a narrative around each piece and make sure you’re engaging the prospect along the way.
    6. Close
      People hate to be sold, but love to buy, so you should use alternative choice closing. Give them options (ex: your Professional plan or your Business plan), but both options are a win for you.

Review Your Process

Your demo is something you should always continue to improve. Record your pitch and listen for customer reactions. Did you get hesitation and gloss over it? Did you get excitement and move on? Make adjustments based off what you’re hearing on the calls.

Role play with a colleague in the office is helpful as well. Practicing what you’ll say and different ways to say it before hand is a great way to fine tune your demo.

Want more? Check out our webinar hosted by ProsperWorks Senior Sales Trainer, Kyle Bastien, below:

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